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The City - Very Short Story

I'd love it if you took the time to read! Some thoughts on hope and dreams, and them being dashed. It gets cut off in the main page so click to read the full thing.

The travelers rose up over the hills, the soft, warm rain pattering quietly onto their huge backpacks. The perfect rolling mountains slowly disappeared behind them, to be replaced with swirling, white clouds of rain.
“Hey – I think we're nearly there!” whispered one of the travelers to another. It felt like a place where one was meant to whisper.

After a few hours of walking down the hill, the sun came crashing in, illuminating

How to respond to idiots?

Hi! I'm quite a recent fan but I'd really appreciate it if you read this.
I listen to MCR quite a lot in public, and whenever anyone sees me listening to MCR they often accuse me of being 'emo' or 'goth' or just become really hostile. I'm neither of those things and it's often really annoying when this happens. I do dress in black so that contributes to the look, but without the music no one would question me.

I was wondering if anyone else got this? It's kind of frustrating and how do you respond when people say ignorant things like this?
My idea is just to refer them to the Na Na Na video.