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Feel like Shit

I've got no damn idea y but i feel like absolute SHIT , My head hurts , i feel really sad , my parents are PISSING ME OFF , People are fighting , Everyone is dieing on me , my friend is going through depression , Im worried that everyone is going to die on me.

Honestly , I dont know how much longer i can go on.

xxo Toxic Cryer xxo

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Jarrod :)

Welcome to Jarrod the new Drummer , Im guessing he is great because the guys chose him.
Really hoping he is nothing like Mike.

*Sigh* was Hoping Bob might come back :(

Still Welcome to Jarrod

xxo Toxic Cryer xxo

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Poor MCR

Started to feel sick when i saw Franks blog , worst thing is my MUM said that the band is dead and that they aren't as good as Bon Jovi. :(

Really wish Bob was back

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Honestly want to cry

Ok i understand that the guys are very busy on tour and coming up with new music.

But i feel like crying , i have the bad'st feeling that they won't come to Australia and ill never get to see them before the Killjoy era ends :(

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Mmmmmm wat you think

Ok so was outside with my friend and was showing her pictures of the guys , i showed her some great pictures , and told her i liked Mikey the most so she wrote and drew the little face thats on my arm.

I know its hard to read but its says " I look at you and cry cause i cant have you."

Also i felt bored so i thought i'd share this with you guys.

xxo Toxic Cryer xxo

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I stood up to my teacher and Boy did i get a death stare :)

Ok so if you haven't read my last post here's the back story , my teacher is very mean and disrespectful to and others , she told me to become depressed and she is just plain stupid.

Now in every class before we start we must write about a topic for 5 minutes the topic of today was titled
The hill ( dah dah dahn).

Others in my class decided to say that the topic was stupid , and of-course it is . its not like were in prep .
So i raised my hand , the teacher then said " put your hand down and write." i still prosed with question and asked " What is the point of writing about a hill." she just stared at me with a die kid die look on her face.

so i got my pen and wrote ,
The hill is mean it told me bad things it told me to become depressed , the hill has no respect for who i am and what i like , it doesn't under stand that i'm different and i going to change, for the hills stupid benefit.

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I got told to become depressed

Ok so my friend and i were in class sinning and talking also finishing our work .
I was really happy and full of adrenalin for some reason.

I went up to the teacher to ask a question , i was sinning sing and dancing a little while i waited for my turn.

When i got to her i was smiling and was polite when i asked if what i had done on my work was correct.

She yelled at me and said " Stop being happy i've had enough of this class."
I said sorry it wasnt my fault.
she then said " I would be much happier if you were depressed then happy."

my reply was " Well thats harsh to say to people."

her remark was " I dont say that to everyone just you so now go be depressed."

i walked back to my seat and literary wanted to cry but i held the tears in.
My friend then went up to the teacher and said " Miss do you understand that she has gone through depression before."
I dont think my teacher gets the point that depression is real.

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My friend and I got bored in science

Ok so today in science my friend and i got bored so we decided that writing on each others arms was a great idea.

First picture is of my left arm
then the other two Obviously say Mikey Way.

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School is killing me

Right now school is not so great ,We have to learn about Bulling

Our teacher is stuck to saying , that when you tell an adult or a teacher , that it will all go away after that.
Also that the world is one big ball of happy sunshine , and that nothing ever go's wrong in life.

As she said this i got annoyed.

So i said " Miss do you understand that what your saying isn't really true , bulling doesn't always go away , also when you tell a teacher or adult or any one it sometimes gets worse , and some get it so bad that they take there own lives because of it."

She then asked who agreed with what i said , everyone put there hands up , she then asked if anyone agreed with her no one did.

After she dismissed us from class she spoke to me and said that she "thought i had more of a brain then to say that she was incorrect , and to disagree with what she said.

Honestly I dont understand how it's bad to disagree. :/

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Congrats Gee

Everyone is so so proud of you Gee ,
congrats for seven years Sober..
You are so amazing and you have shown the world that its fine to be your self.

We are all so proud of you.