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It's winter time!

I really like winter because of two things. At first it's time when I learned about My Chemical Romance last year and I swear, it was the prettiest present for upcoming Christmas and it all started with song called Welcome To The Black Parade, when then another one song again and again. It was an incredible feelings.
And second thing is that winter is the most beautiful and long-awaited season cause of Christmas, the magic of these festive lights, decorated shops and streets and New Year baubles that are sold there.

Forward and only forward

Well, okay.
About six months ago I thought that the guys will release something new to support fans and it happened, and I'm very glad to it really. It's a greatest luck to listen to some new songs and recall the old ones. In turn, I'm really looking forward release of "May Death Never Stop You", and I'm sure that it would be an exciting journey.
Also I think that life doesn't end with the breakup of MCR, cause it's alive as long as we remember it, I mean forever.