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this would be so much fun

shooting dracs and sing "ha ha your dead" by green day sounds like so much fun. if the whole bli thing happens and i'm not brainwashed i will do that

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VOTE we're winning

we've made it to the 4 round. we have a good chance of winning. we own it to mcr to help them win.

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i was listening to headfirst for halos and when gerard said " And I think I'll blow my brains against the ceiling And as the fragments of my skull begin to fall Fall on your tongue like pixie dust just think happy thoughts "
i said to myself "gerard i don't think i could think happy thoughts as the fragments of your skull begin to fall on my tongue like pixie dust. i would be to sad"

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i challange you to make a list of musicans that you look up to

the one who makes best list will recive free imaganry dimond muffins

this is what my list looks like

list of musicans i look up to

1. Gerard Way - lead singer of my chemical romance
2. Mikey Way - bassist of my chemical romance
3. Frank Iero - rhythm guitarist of my chemical romance
... 4. Ray Toro - guitarist of my chemical romance
5. LynZ Way - bassist of mindless self indulgunce
6. Billie Joe Armstrong - lead singer and guitarist of green day
7. Ronnie Radke - lead singer of falling in reverse
8. Jacky Vincent - guitarist of falling in reverse
9. Mike Dirnt - bassist and backing vocalist of green day
10. Tre Cool - drummer of green day
11. Ryan Seaman - drummer of falling in reverse
12. Derek Jones - rhythm guitarist of falling in reverse
13. Ron Ficarro - bassist of falling in reverse