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Weezer preforming with My Chem

Its Weezer preforming "My Name is Jonas" with My Chem!

my dog is SO stupid

my dog locked herself in the bathroom yesterday and was in there all day! i thought it was funny how she got in but couldn't get out

Yellow Submarine

for our school concert the guitar players are playing yellow submarine (i teach myself guitar so i dont play at school) and today at my violin lessons the music teacher asked us if my friend and i wanted to sing yellow submarine (as a joke) and we said yes. so now me and 2 of my friends are singing yellow submarine (the only part i know is: we all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine)

School Sucks

we had NJASK testing all week and now my teachers gave us a shitload of homework over the weekend. I have to do a project, a Johann Sebastian Bach timeline, type a paragraph, math homework, and I have to read the Call of the Wild(a.k.a. the most BORING book ever)

Church Test

we have to take this huge Church test tomorrow. we need to know all this stuff and we have state testing this week
and did anyone notice that the 10 Commandments are kinda sexist? like don't covet your neioghbor's wife (i dont get it; its kinda saying that your wife can cheat on you but you cant cheat on her)

Why do I always get sick?

I went to my friend's house for their sleepover birthday party and I got sick and had to leave early...again. This always happens. I didn't eat very much and I kinda coughed up puke. (really gross) It might be because I had pneumonia last week and I'm still congested. My friends(and unfortunatly our mothers) and I went camping last year and in the middle of the night, I threw up all over my mom(that was kinda funny)but now thats my sleepover reputation.


Did anyone see the movie Moneyball? I know it came out last year but I'm watching it again on TV. I'm a big baseball fan,(one reason people give me shit)and the Phillies aren't winning so I'm gonna spend the day watching Moneyball.


Next week we have to take a test that's required for confirmation and I'm gonna FAIL. We have the NJASK next week AND a huge church test. My confirmation name is gonna be Gloria! If you look at my username you can tell that I'm a huge Green Day fan and Gloria is a saint's name, so I can have that. .)

Hey Killjoys,

I'm sick again. I've been out of school all week with walking pneumonia. Its like bronchitis, only your lungs are stuffed up. But its like the best sickness you can have. You feel cheerful, and you get to stay home.

What do you think?

We were talking about Kurt Cobain's death today(again)

What do you think happened? Was it a suicide or murder?
I'm not sure if I think it was a murder or suicide so I want to know what you guys think
(please don't think i'm crazy obsessing over this but i love crime and Nirvana)