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So tomorrow is my birthday and last night we went shopping for my birthday presents (cause my parents are clueless and don't know what I like) and I got a bass! I always wanted to learn bass. I already play three instruments too. (violin, clarinet and guitar) I also got two CDs Waking the Fallen and Set the World on Fire, two t-shirts, and two comics. Yeah I just wanted to share that I'm really excited. I have the worst birthday ever too, Christmas Eve, it sucks. Merry Christmas Killjoys!

Halloween is Monday.

Since I live in New Jersey Halloween is going to be on Monday because there is no electricity. I still don't have power, I'm at my grandma's house trying to get back to sanity by using the computer for 10 hours straight. I did see the people from JCP and L (the electric company which should stand for Just Can't Provide Light) hiding behind Shop Rite eating. So I just came here to say I'm very bored and I'm pissed about Halloween. oh I'm gonna be Cosmo from the Fairly Odd Parents and my friend is gonna be Wanda.

Key Lime Habanero Cheesecake

I'm bringing in Key Lime Habanero Cheesecake to my homeroom on Thursday. I know you're thinking I'm crazy but I saw Nadia G make it on Bitchin' Kitchen (my favorite cooking show) and I had to try it. My homeroom teacher said it was crazy and he didn't want to try so I have to taste test it first. And the NEW Avenged Sevenfold song came out yesterday!!! Its for Black Ops II.


for the start of our 3rd week of school in the wonderful state of New Jersey our shit bag of a high school (HCRHS) made every kid grades 6-12 write an essay on cliques. WTF. I'm still in middle school I don't even go to the high school yet. In the essay they even wanted us to put where we would place ourselves in the school social ladder. again, WTF. I did write stuff on the "popular" kids (which would be a real kick in the ass if any of them read it) and a big thing on nerds.

Awesome Song and Less Awesome Stories

The song above is called Love Bites (So Do I) by Halestorm. My less awesome stories are about my trip to Boston and the Jersey shore. We went to Boston last week and we were stuck in traffic almost the whole time. IT SUCKED! Then we went to the Red Sox game. This wasn't too bad because I'm a big baseball fan but no one was hitting and the game went on for 4 hours. These peole are being paid millions of dollars per year and I can play better than some of them! Before we went to Boston my friends and me went to the Jersey Shore. That was fun except for the long lines and the rip off on food.

Student of the Month?

on Tuesday the principal came into the lunch room to announce student of the month awards and he called MY NAME! i thought it was a joke! i laughed so hard!
they pick student of the month based on behavior and grade point average
my behavior is cursing, copying math homework, and making fun of people i don't like. i get good grades but student of the month? maybe they gave it to me because we are only there for a half of a month (we ended today! :D)

Does anyone else watch Total Drama Island?

I'm obsessed with that show! i hate how they have new characters this year! NO MORE DUNCAN every show needs a punk with piercings!
(he was my favorite)
it just aired this week in the U.S. cause i know it ended in Canada


this weekend my friends and i went camping (since it was in the Poconos our mothers had to come unfourtnately) and my mom got drunk. the whole time they let us wander off where ever and then my mom gets drunk and starts embarassing me in front of my friends. it was kinda funny she had wine down her shirt and laughed instead of talked


Today was our second day of the frog disection (the first day was friday) and when we opened it up there were eggs everywhere. it was really gross. it took two full class periods for us to clean them all out. then when we finished, we had to look at its organs but the small intestine, lungs, spleen, and stomache was missing. we called one of the teachers (the regular teacher was busy) and she couldn't find them either so we ended up with a frog that took 80 minutes to clean and is missing organs. we should get a 100% just for effort

Laser Tag!

I get to go laser tagging today!