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FEAR Transmissions: Stories From The Wild Ones (Chp. 8)

The entire church woke up the next morning to the sound of a fight. And not just any fight. A marital fight.

"I am NOT going!" Sammi yelled, her voice hurt and confused.

"Yes you are!" Jinxx yelled back. He sounded hurt but was trying to be strong. "Sammi, it's what's best..."

"For you, what about me?" she cried.

"I'm sending you away for you!" he argued. "It's not safe here for you, you could lose the baby, or your life or..."

"I won't be killed and neither will our child!" she yelled, refusing his offer.

"I'm not taking that chance!" he yelled back, trying to convince her of something.

FEAR Transmissions: Stories From The Wild Ones (Chp. 7)

"Jess!!" was what woke her up in the middle of the night. For a moment, she thought it was Ash, here to save her. Then she realized it was Travis.

"Jess!" he yelled, frantic. "They're coming for your cell!!"

There was a tazering sound and a thud, and Jess knew that they had knocked out Travis. She sat up quickly as they came into her cell. She jumped to her feet and began fihting, knocking out two guards before she was grabbed and injected with a sleep tonic. She slowly fell and slipped into darkness. The end must be near.


They parked a half mile from the hospital so their bikes wouldn't

FEAR Transmissions: Stories From The Wild Ones (Chp. 6)

Jess woke up in a cell, with five men, all of whom were looking at her carefully. She sat up and backed away, feeling confused. Then she remembered she was a prisoner again. One of the men came over and sat by her.

"I'm Travis," he said softly. "Are you okay?"

Jess looked up at him. He looked familiar...

"Travis?" she asked. "Is your brother named Jinxx?"

"Y-yes..." he answered, backing away. "How did you..."

"I know him," she answered calmly. "He's my... Was my friend."

"Is he okay?" Travis went back towards her, his eyes hopeful.

"He's fine as far as I know," Jess shrugged.

FEAR Transmissions: Stories From The Wild Ones (Chp. 5)

Jess thought kissing Ash would make things easier, happier, better for her. Not chained to a chair in the basement of another mental hospital. She had already shed all of her tears, but she hurt inside. Ash had left her alone and she was captured. She screamed and screamed but he hadn't come.

Once again, Jess was alone. And this time she was a test subject.

~two days earlier~

A week had passed since the day Andy had killed Jess's father and Ash had kissed Jess. Ash and Andy avoided Jess constantly and neither would meet her eye.

"Andy's upset about what happened," CC explained as she sat with

FEAR Transmissions: Stories From The Wild Ones (Chp. 4)

The Killjoys came within three days. The Wild Ones welcomed them after setting up new tents inside of the chapel for them to sleep in. All except Jess were struck by the colors the Killjoys brought with them. Ash took great pleasure in complimenting Snow, much to the annoyance of Jess who then annoyed him back by easily chatting with Snake.

Needless to say, Andy wanted to bash their heads together. Well, so did everyone else who lived in the church.

The Killjoys brought an uncomfortable atmosphere to the church.

FEAR Transmissions: Stories From The Wild Ones (Chp. 3)

Jess grunted and fell to the ground, Sammi's gut check making her head spin.

"Again," Sammi demanded. Jess jumped to her feet fast and ignored the pain seering thru her. She needed to do this. Andy, CC, and Juliet were watching her progress, to see if she would make it. It had been a week and a half and she had yet to win a fight.

Sammi came at her and Jess swept out her leg to trip her. Sammi tumbled, but before she could get onto her feet, Jess recovered and pounced onto her back, planting her face into the ground.

"Good," came Sammi's muffled groan.

FEAR Transmissions: Stories From The Wild Ones (Chp. 2)

Ash looked at the sleeping girl on the cot. She had slept for almost two days and yet Ash couldn't stop watching. She was beautiful and although her only word had been "Whoa," he kew her voice was like bells. Shaing his head, he got up and left the tent. Lisa was dead. Who marvels over some stick after they're friend died?

He went to the window and watched for the FEAR guards who were sure to look for the girl. CC, Jinx and Andy had taken a risk going back there to let the girl escape. CC provided the key and a distraction, Jinx had shown her the way.

FEAR Transmissions: Stories From The Wild Ones (Chp. 1)

"NO! DON'T MAKE ME GO IN THERE!" came the piercing screams of the girl as she was dragged into the hospital. The two male nurses continued to drag her down the hall and finally managed to toss her into her cell. Without a moment's hesitation, they closed and locked the doors, trapping her inside.

The girl sobbed into her hands and wondered when this nightmare would end.


The girl's name was Jessie. She was 22, and was in love with Black Veiled Brides. To this day, "Saviour" was her favorite song.

Danger Days: Killjoys 2.0- Final Entry.

Snake Lightning's POV- (20 years later)

I have listened to all the entries recorded onto this radio, listened to every story and imagined the war, moment by moment. Some I have chosen not to go back to because the details are too awful for me to even imagine. When my mother, Sea Diamond, first told me the story of how Dr. D had taken her from my insane grandmother, I knew I had to find the rest of the story.

I did. And it was incredible.

Hearing the story of my mother watching my sixteen year-old father dying along with my uncles, Party Poison, Jet Star and Fun Ghoul was what got me started.

Danger Days: Killjoys 2.0- Difference In Time

Party's side:
I sat looking at what was left of the place where my brother had told Sea Diamond that he was in love with her. The rocks and remains of the building were still there, the ground covered in tiny blades of grass. The blades were appearing everywhere since D ended the Danger Days war a month ago. My beautiful wife came up behind me and put her arms around me, her wings edging at my periphial vision. Me: "Hey angel." Instant: "Hey handsome. Why so alone?" Me: "Thinking about things." We had moved into a house that had a nursery set up.