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Sometimes we all need a lifeline

There are some things that I can't talk about on here due to rules. However, should you feel like doing . . . "something" . . . MESSAGE ME. I've got a LIST of things you can do instead and it'll still let you get what you're feeling out. I won't judge or give you some cheesy line because I know you've heard it all before. We all need a lifeline, so my inbox is always open. I'm on here every day and will respond as soon as I can.

Keep fighting, killjoys. Don't let BL/ind take you alive. :)

~Cellophane Destroya <3

Tomorrow: Project Unity

Wear your merch loud and proud. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell whomever you think will get it. Wear something with a message, put up flyers, do whatever you want to spread the word. Write "scream" and "shout" on your arms; hey, write anything you want. Listen to new music, or spread the good old stuff. Be whoever you are, LOUDLY.

We are all a family. This "underground" music scene may not be very widely known, but it's got the most loyal and awesome fans in the world. Let's all unite to show that we aren't what we're labeled and we want to make a difference.

Project Unity Update

First off, thanks to everyone who commented!! I didn't expect such a good reception!!

To whoever asked if they could make a flyer: Of course!! Free to make flyers, posters, videos, whatever you want. Art is the weapon; sound familiar?

Tell your friends, tell other fandoms, tell anyone who will get it.

I thought something like this would be just what we needed on a personal level as MCR fans. Plus, if the comments I've read on YouTube are any indication, a lot of other fandoms feel alienated as well. Maybe we ALL need a bit of support.

Let's all show our pride and try to get other people to

Two reasons to make next Tuesday awesome

Yes, there's the obvious reason. XD But there's another reason too: PROJECT UNITY.

I talked about this a few times and another person made a video about it. The concept is that we as music fans have had to endure so much recently. People call the music that is so special to us "emo" or some other worse term before they even know what it is. In addition, the emotional trauma some of us have gone through is just astounding.

So, I propose, on April 9, we organize a mass movement.

So killjoys, can I have your attention for a moment please?

These past few days have been . . . well, there really are no words, are there? And some of us don't have people who understand how big of a loss this is. Plus, the "underground" alternative rock scene has been hit really hard lately. In addition, there's all this backlash from sites that judge before learning the whole picture. We all need to be alive, be listened to, and know we're not alone.


On April 9 (so we'll all remember it), ANYONE who has band merch should wear it loud and proud.

So by now we've all heard the news

I'd like to say a few things about it.

First, MCR saved my life as I'm sure they saved many of your lives. They helped provide hope when the world looked absolutely black. Not having them around as a band anymore is going to be [insert various synonyms here]. I absolutely bawled when I heard. I stumbled upon an article on another music site stating the news but I thought it was fake, so I came here. Not so much.

I'd like to believe it was a hacker who posted that message, or that they're going to pull a Fall Out Boy, or that MCR5 is going to come out, but I know that by this point, that's

So here's an idea I have . . . anyone want to collaborate?

I posted earlier about maybe doing a "Doctor Who" + Killjoys crossover story. Well . . . I've got the outline complete!! :)

If anyone would like to collaborate, feel free to message me. I'd really like to work with someone else on this because A) I've never collaborated with anyone on a story before, B) I'd like someone with knowledge of both the Whoniverse and the Killjoys so that any holes that I'm not seeing are patched up, C) Two people doing fact checks on both parts would ensure the most accurate story, and D) I'd like to make sure this fan fiction retains as much dignity as possible.

OMG Check this idea out


How AWESOME would that be?!

Think about it, Whovians; if there are an infinite number of parallel worlds, then the killjoys must exist in one of them! It could work!

Idea: Korse is actually The Master in disguise. The Dracs are his alien servants. Maybe The Master teamed up with the Daleks and they're actually the Dracs? Anyway, he's trying to sever the void so that all of the parallel worlds try to exist at once and completely destroy the fabric of time itself.

The story behind my Killjoy Name

So my killjoy name is Cellophane Destroya. somebody guessed that it meant that my cell phones never last. XD amusing, but nope.

here's the story:

i went through a phase where i bought into the "social system" that seems to govern most teens. like, say this if you want to be popular, wear this if you want a boyfriend, etc. i used to have fergie, timbaland, akon, and the black eyed peas on my ipod. i wore tons of makeup, used girly vernacular, and pretty much was everything i despise today.

Killjoy ID

i'm a bit late on this, but whatever.

Killjoy ID: Cellophane Destroya (There's a story behind this name, but it's a bit long.)
Since: 2011
First Song: Welcome to the Black Parade
Favorite Song: All of them, but right now I'm really into "Kiss the Ring".
Killjoy Song: Zero Percent ("Don't need this system, we can claim it if we try.")
Killjoy Phrase: ART IS THE WEAPON
Colour: All shades of blue accented with crimson, pink, and purple.
Symbol: Don't need or want one. Don't want to give BL/ind anything they can use to track me. (Paranoid? Maybe. Oh well. The Dracs are everywhere)
Status: Ready