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Could somebody do me a huge favor???

Could you PLEASE post the behind-the-scenes stuff for "Blood" that came with the DVD? Some of us are college kids who can barely afford soup, much less new music.

Actually, with the quality of the food on campus, I'd say they've been slipping us Power Pup...

Keep running everyone!!

XOXO Cellophane

You guys need to check out this concert XD

MCR playing Radio 1's Big Weekend in 2011. One of the best concerts I've ever seen 'em do. At the very least, it'll make you smile :)

It's gonna be a sad day in the zones tomorrow. But hey, just remember what Dr. D says, "you may be gone, but out here in the desert, your shadow lives on without you."

Keep your boots tight and your guns close, killjoys. We've gotta keep running.

Keep running. Keep shining. Mean something. <3

XOXO Cellophane

It's just a small thing, I promise! There's supposedly an interview out there in which Gerard compares himself to David Bowie. I'm a HUGE fan of David Bowie, so to hear that would be awesome.

Problem is, I can't find it ANYWHERE.

Would anyone happen to have a link to this interview?

And can you imagine the dance moves that would occur if MCR covered "Watch That Man"?

Sorry, back to the point!

Interview, anyone? Please? Tell you what, if you get me the link, I'll track down something MCR-related that you're lookin' for ;)

Keep running, killjoys! <3

~Cellophane Destroya

A Really Funny Story to Make Everyone Laugh on a Really Sad Day

Okay, I feel obligated to share this with you guys because we're all really depressed and somber and could really use some cheering up right about now.


A couple weeks ago, I was going to an art show with this nearly-a-killjoy chick I know. Seriously, she's heard a bunch of songs and really seems to get what the band is about. All she needs to do is pick out a killjoy name and she'll officially be one of us! Anyway, I had read a bunch of "Danger Days" fan fiction (Interested?

It's time to stop running

I won't be posting much on here anymore. I won't delete my account though; I just won't check it very often. My inbox is still open if anyone ever needs help. No, I am not posting this from BL/ind, nor has a Drac stolen my laptop or corrupted me. No dusting has occurred either.

We all have our demons that we create. We all have things that we regret and mistakes that we've made. I realize now that instead of covering them up with music and building myself a wall of fiction, I need to face them. I need to remove the reminders of the past and move on.

So this will most likely be my final

And #5

Here's a little scavenger hunt for all you killjoys: Go to YouTube and type in "my chemical romance funniest live moments part 2". It'll be the one with all the green stage lights. Click it and watch it . . . about ten times.

Then go here:

(The link's broken up. There will be a space between the dash and "romance". Remove the space. Or go to and search for MCR.)

Keep the faith. And remember guys: They're not dead, they only dress that way.

KEEP RUNNING and don't ever let BL/ind catch you <3

Adrenaline Shot #4

The following true anecdote is purely for the amusement of the MCRmy:

So I was in the middle of a lab during Botany yesterday. I'm coming back with the materials we need, and this guy just stands up and stops right in front of me.

So I go, teasingly, "Excuse me, I need to get through. You're kinda in the way."

And he goes, "Oh, I'm not just IN the way, I AM the way!"

I laugh and go, "You, sir, are most definitely not a Way."

He goes, "Yeah, I am."

I go, "No, you're not."

And he repeats himself.

Can you believe this?

Look alive, sunshine!

Another adrenaline shot in the form of Doctor Who . . .

But I bet you'll still laugh if you're not a Whovian XD

Oh, and this should make you laugh: I was driving home and this ad came on the radio. It went, "Community First Credit Union. We'll help you find your way."

And I'm like, "No thanks. I've got two of 'em."

And then I was like, "Wait, what kind of "ways" are YOU talking about?" XD

Ah, puns. Sorry, it's been a long day. Stay awake, guys.

~Cellophane Destroya <3

Today's adrenaline shot

The following story is GUARANTEED to make you laugh, or at least smile.

As part of my attempt to help us get our spunk back as a community, I've started posting things that I think will add a bit of color, fire, life, or something, to us that will keep us running. So, enjoy the following anecdote:

I was in Physics one day in senior year and we were doing rocket science. I was lost most of the time, but I was still paying attention. We were doing a bunch of calculations using sine, pronounced "sign". We were also using variables.

Something's wrong here

And I know I'm not the only one who sees it. This community . . . there's something wrong. The fire is gone. We're not running anymore. We're walking. Some of us have even stopped. We've put our guns away and are just wandering around out here. Korse and the Dracs can pick and choose whom to take back to BL/ind.

So, I'm going to start posting fun little videos that I find. We need to get our spunk back. These videos will be my attempt to fill in some of what's missing. An adrenaline shot, if you will. So watch and laugh. Look some up on your own. Just do something.