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Master Blaster runs Barter Town!

Congrats to Alissa Telling who correctly answered that Master Blaster runs Barter Town, as seen in the mighty film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Click here for the proof. Alissa - watch for your gift in the mail!

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Time's Winding Up

If you wanna give your friend a Christmas gift from the My Chemical Romance online store, or wanna give yourself a gift for Christmas (it's kinda fun opening a present to yourself), you need to place your order by December 10th and select Standard Domestic Shipping to receive your items by December 25th. The last day to place your order using Rush Shipping is December 19th so that your items arrive by December 25th.

Also, don't forget the holiday shipping offer - free standard shipping on merch until December 31st! Visit the My Chemical Romance online store here. Enjoy.

And the first person who can correctly identify who runs Barter Town by sending an email to along with their home address will win a book that inspired the look of this website.

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Get Three Cheers On Vinyl

MCR's "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge" will be released on vinyl on December 16th. The vinyl is red and comes in a custom jacket with a die-cut logo stencil insert, and a sticker. It's also available for pre-sale over at the store, but you already knew that.

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Text in to win MCR merch and help donate to charity

Want to win new merch from MCR's store AND help to donate to charity as well? All you have to do is text MCR to 50505 from now until December 1st! On that date, we will randomly pick 10 people to get a gift certificate in the MCR store worth $30. Once 10,000 texts have been sent in, MCR will donate $1,000 to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Send in your texts and help a great cause!

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In case you didn't already figure it out....'re looking at a new version of The guys will be blogging here about whatever they feel like, and will be twittering to their heart's content as well. I'll be here to post info about upcoming events, contests, and other stuff as it comes up. Keep your eyes out for a full discography section of the site, with lots of cool features, and more additions to the site.