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MCR hits the cover of Alternative Press

My Chemical Romance will grace January's issue of Alternative Press with the most anticipated album of 2010. Each band member will have their own cover, and subscribers to the magazine will receive a special edition with all 5 members. Check out the cover with all 5 of them, and then check out the covers for Gerard, Ray, Frank, Mikey and Bob. Head over to to become a subscriber if you aren't already.

Official MCR Twitter Account
For those of you that use Twitter, you can now follow @MCRofficial for all of your My Chemical Romance news and updates. The account will provide news from the band, official announcements, and much more. Follow @MCRofficial here.
New Australian show with The Get Up Kids
MCR have just announced a special club show in Sydney Australia on Thursday, February 25th with the mighty Get Up Kids! More info on the show can be found here, and tickets will be available starting November 20th at
Costume Contest Winners
After looking through all of the costume contest entries, the band has chosen their top 3. Congrats to Lacey, Andrea, and Danielle on their winning costume - the prize packs are on their way. Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. There were some amazing costumes!

Burger Madness Time!
Ray would like to officially challenge any Japanese fans to post videos of themselves devouring this Burger King Whopper monstrosity in its entirety. The burger is only available until October 28th, so hurry. Just upload the video to YouTube and enter the tag "mcrburgermadness" and one winner will be picked at random on November 2nd to get free MCR merch and something signed by the band too. If you don't live in Japan, you're bummed. This thing look insane. I may fly out there now to get one. ...and no, this is not a deal with Burger King.
Mikey to be a guest on's Raccoon Society
Mikey Way will be the guest this week on's Raccoon Society ASK MAT.

Have something you want to ask Mikey? Head over to the Raccoon Society website and leave a comment at the bottom of the page. If you’d like to direct any questions specifically to Mikey, just put ????MIKEY at the top of your comment. If you want to direct a question to Mat, just put ????MAT at the top of your comment.


Happy Halloween! We’ve cooked up a costume contest that will put you in the running to win an MCR Halloween pack that will include MCR merch and a rare signed poster! Here’s what you have to do to enter: - Create and dress up in your best MCR inspired costume. Costumes can be anything from dressing up like one of the band members, to creating a costume based on lyrics, or a character from MCR art. It’s up to you, so be as creative as you’d like! - Send one or more photos of your costume to with a short description of your costume and what inspired you.
Create your own MCR Jack-O-Lantern! Any purchases from the official MCR store will receive a FREE digital MCR pumpkin carving stencil. Offer ends 10/31/09
Come one, come all!
Welcome to! For the first time ever, the website is open to public registration! You can create a profile, find other fans from around the world, comment on the band members posts, and have your own My Chemical Romance blog! Get started by creating a new account HERE. See you inside!
Vote for "Desolation Row" in the 2009 Scream Awards!
"Desolation Row" has been nominated for the Song Of The Year in the 2009 Scream Awards. Click Here to vote for My Chemical Romance!