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Life On The Murder Scene now available on iTunes

The live video album for MCR’s Life On The Murder Scene, featuring 19 live songs from their 2006 show in New Jersey, is now available on iTunes. Click here to get it now. You can also get the Life On The Murder Scene video diary, which contains footage documenting the behind-the-scenes activity from the same show. Click here to get it!

Desolation Row - one of the top 30 videos for 2009!

Myspace has compiled a list of the top 30 videos for 2009, and MCR's "Desolation Row" made the cut. Check it out the list at

Get the AP cover poster for free with purchase at the MCR store

Receive the new Alternative Press Poster featuring MCR if you spend $65 or more in the online store!
Offer is valid while supplies last.

Get an exclusive MCR shirt at Hot Topic

Get the MCR 'Ridin' Out' shirt in black ONLY at all Hot Topic stores starting today. Make sure to head out to your local store to get one before they're all gone.

Get the Alternative Press cover poster for free with purchase!

Receive the new Alternative Press Poster featuring MCR if you spend $65 or more in the online store! Offer is valid while supplies last.

Get A Holiday Song From MCR on iTunes now!

My Chemical Romance's version of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" (recorded in 2005 for a limited release in 2006) is now available as part of a special holiday Warner Bros Records album on iTunes. Get it now!

MCR interview with Gerard on

Check out a new interview with Gerard from the studio where he talks about the inspiration behind the new album.

Bid on a signed MCR guitar for benefit for Chi from The Deftones

This week Deftones has launched a
benefit auction in support of their bassist and brother Chi Cheng. Chi has been in a semi-conscious state since being involved in a horrific car accident in November 2008, and his family has accumulated an overwhelming amount of medical bills that insurance does not entirely cover. It is Deftones’ mission to raise significant funds to help ensure Chi's recovery by launching this benefit auction in conjunction with their management Velvet Hammer Music and Management Group, and in association with

In support of this mission, My Chemical Romance

Get tickets to the Australian show today!

Tickets are now on sale for the Feb 25th show in Sydney, Australia with The Get-Up Kids at Luna Park, Big Top. Get tickets now!

New photos from the studio / free shirt with purchase

Check out new never-before-seen photos from the studio in the photos section and keep checking the site for more photos coming soon.

And check out new features in the MCR store and receive a FREE MCR t-shirt if you spend $50 or more.