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Gerard Way on the cover of SPIN's 25th Anniversary Issue

Check out SPIN's 25th Anniversary Cover with Gerard Way.

Chile Quake

To everyone in Chile, our thoughts are with you. If you'd like to help Chile, you can donate to the Red Cross HERE.

Fan created playlist #1 - Amanda F.

Thanks to everyone for submitting their dream My Chemical Romance playlists. If you haven't created yours yet, post it as a comment HERE. This weeks fan playlist comes from Amanda F., and is in the MCR Myspace player now. Keep checking back every week to see if your playlist has been chosen.

Amanda's Playlist:
1. It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish
2. Heaven Help Us
3. Cubicles
4. To The End
5. Welcome to The Black Parade
6. My Way Home Is Through You
7. Teenagers
8. Demolition Lovers
9. Skylines and Turnstiles

Get The Black Parade Deluxe Edition at iTunes

The deluxe edition of The Black Parade is now available at iTunes - just click here to get it. The deluxe edition contains the original songs plus 3 b-sides AND a 40-minute video for the making of The Black Parade video.

Fan made MCR Myspace Playlists

Everybody has their own list of favorite MCR songs, now’s the time to share yours. Every week we’ll pick new playlists created by fans and change the My Chemical Romance Myspace player to feature the songs you’ve chosen. Want to submit your dream playlist? Here’s how:

1. Visit the My Chemical Romance Myspace page

2. Choose your 5 to 10 favorite My Chemical Romance songs that you want to see in the Myspace player

3. Post your list as a comment to this blog

4. Check back each week to see if your playlist was chosen and to listen to the new one

Each week when we post the new playlist, the name

Signed Posters Contest Winner

Congrats to the winner of The Black Parade signed posters, BeniDaBrute.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, make sure to keep an eye on for more contests coming up very soon.

Remember the full body 24x36 inch promotional posters from The Black Parade? Right now, is giving away a full set, one of each band member, to one lucky registered member. One more thing – all of the posters are signed by the band members.

Here’s how to enter the contest:

1. Register Here for if you haven't already. (Use a real email address or we won’t be able to contact you if you win.)
2. Post a comment to this news post explaining in three sentences or less why you want to win the contest.

On February 4th, we’ll pick the winner at random and announce it on the site so make sure you check back.

Good luck.
Winner of the Great Whopper Eat Off

Mika from Japan won Ray's Great Whopper Eat Off back in November. Here she is with the custom 7 patty burger trophy she got for winning the contest.

You will be missed...

Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan. Born February 10, 1981. Died December 28, 2009. Rest In Peace.

SPIN Magazine interviews Gerard about the new album

Peter Gaston of SPIN magazine recently sat down with Gerard to talk about the new album.

"...The album has many themes. That a band and an audience can be immortal through rock'n'roll, even if just for one night. The power of believing in something. Being a survivor, running away in a positive way, leaving home in order to come back. Having a number of themes actually made it harder to piece the record together..."

Click Here to read the entire interview.