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MCR Interview on MTV This Saturday

Don’t miss MCR’s interview on MTV’s Ten On Top this Saturday the 23rd at 11:30am PST/EST.

"Planetary (GO!)" To Be Featured In Gran Turismo 5

“Planetary (Go!),” one of the tracks off MCR’s upcoming album, will be featured as the lead song in Sony Play Station’s upcoming Gran Tursimo 5 video game. Stay tuned to for screenshots from the game, and more!

Check Out An Interview With Gerard And Frank
Check out an interview with Gerard and Frank about the new Na Na Na video on!

MCR European Tour Reporters

Are you going to one of MCR’s tour dates in Europe? We’d like to invite you to be a tour reporter for the show you’re attending. You and a friend will get to meet the band, get a photo pass to take photos of the band performing, report back on what the set list was, and write a short report about the show that will get posted on the next day.

We will choose two tour reporters for each show and contact them by email to let them know they’ve been selected.

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Send an email to Make the subject of your email the name of the show you want to be the tour reporter for. Example: EDINBURGH SHOW

2. Include your full name, your age, your contact information (email and mobile phone) and the tour date you’ll be attending. We only ask for your contact information so that we can contact you if you are selected. We will not add you to any lists or contact you unsolicited.

3. If you are selected, you must turn in your photos and tour report within 10 hours of the show. We want to make sure the tour reports are posted to the site quickly!

Please only enter if you will definitely be able to attend the show, take photos, and write something quickly following the show. Please note: this does not include entrance to the show, airfare, travel, or lodging, please only apply if you already have a ticket and have a way of getting to the show. If you enter, please check your email daily to see if you’ve been selected.

Good luck!

New MCR gear in the Online Store

There is some brand new MCR merch in the online store including two tees, a hoodie, zone badges, and car air fresheners for "That Old Trans-Am Smell".

Head over to the online store now and stock up on some MCR gear.

Read An Interview With Gerard On

Gerard gave a little insight to the new video for Na Na Na on Click here to read all about it!

Killjoy Halloween Costume Contest
Look alive, Killjoys! Halloween is two weeks away and we want to find the shiniest Killjoy costumes from across the Zones. Everybody who enters the contest will get a 13% discount code to the store for merch, and two grand prize winners will win Danger Days: “California 2019 Edition” Box Sets! The winners will be hand selected by the band themselves.

Here’s how to enter:
- Register for if you haven’t already.
- Put together your costume, and take pictures of yourself wearing it. Come up with your own Killjoy name and write a few sentences about your character.
- Send the pictures, name, and story to Make sure you include your username.

Grand Prize:
2 Winners will receive: Danger Days: “California 2019 Edition” Box Sets

The deadline to enter is October 29th, 2010, and the winners will be announced the week after on, and their winning costumes will be posted. Remember, you have to take pictures of yourself in the costume, and you have to be a registered member of to be eligible.

Good luck, and watch out for the dracs.

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This contest is open to fans worldwide.
"Na Na Na" Video Premiere!
The official video for "Na Na Na" is premiering at MTV at 11pm EST today, Thursday the 14th, but you can check it out right now!

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If you can't see it in your country, check out the other local premieres by clicking here!

Another new MCR photo!

Check out yet another new MCR photo!

New Show In Germany - 10/26

MCR have just announced a Myspace Secret Show in Munich, Germany on 26 October at the Backstage Werk. To get in, you just print your MySpace Profile with MCR & MySpace Secret Shows in your Top friends and come to the show. But only 700 people will get in, and it’s first come, first served.

More info about it can be found at