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Manchester Fan Tour Reports

The fan tour reports from MCR's second stop on the "World Contamination Tour" are in from Manchester, UK. Fan tour reporters Emma B. and Josh T., were on the scene. Read their reports below:

"There are no words to describe just how amazing the night was, Ray, Frank, Mikey and Gerard were like Super Heroes and I have woken up this morning aching all over and with a sore throat and a croaky voice and I cannot wait to do it all over again, it really was one of the best nights of my life and I'm positive I'm not the only person saying that today." - Emma B.

"MCR stormed through songs from all of their albums including the yet to be released Danger Days. Anthem after anthem was played to a crowd who were not only happy, but relieved to see their heroes play on an English stage again." - Josh T.

For the full report and set list, click "READ MORE"

MCR To Play Q101's Twisted show

My Chemical Romance will play Q101's Twisted show on Wednesday December 15th. Tickets go on sale this Friday, October 29th at 10am. Keep this link bookmarked and get you tickets then.

Check Out A Clip Of "Planetary (GO!)"

Visit to hear a short clip of "Planetary (GO!)" featured in Gran Turismo 5, coming this holiday season!

Na Na Na Video Now Available In iTunes!

My Chemical Romance's video for Na Na Na is now available in iTunes. Click here to get it!

Printable Killjoy Masks
Look alive, Killjoys. We’ve created masks that you can download and print at home. You can use them as part of your Killjoy Halloween Costume to win one of the California 2019 Deluxe Box Sets, or just wear them to keep you safe and shiny out in the Zones. It’s up to you!

Click a mask below to download the hi-res file.
Save it to your computer, print it out, then cut out the mask, eyes, and holes for the string and you’re ready:

London Fan Tour Reports

The tour reports are in for MCR's first show of the World Contamination Tour in London, UK! Tour reporters Michelle B. and Sarah I. were there, and had this to say:

"The danger days are here, and the killjoys blew up the Hammersmith Apollo like the post apocalyptic world they know and love. After a three year break from the UK, the boys were back in town to play the first show on the Danger Days World Contamination Tour and they melted off our faces." - Michelle B.

"I shed a tear during Cancer and again when Gerard announced "London thank you so much. We are really excited about this record, but we're more excited about the next 10 years of this band." After being away for so long they've really come back with bang and knowing we've got a lot more to look forward to just makes it all so much more exciting." - Sarah I.

For the full reports and set list, click "READ MORE"

Win Tickets for the MySpace Secret Show in Munich

MCR will play a MySpace Secret Show on Tuesday, October 26th at the Backstage Werk, Munich, Germany, and you can get a chance to win one of 25 pairs of guest list tickets for the show.

Just click here and post a comment on the profile.

Winners will be picked on Monday, October 25th and sent a confirmation email.

Share the Transmissions Player
You can now take the MCR Transmissions Player and post it to your blog, page, facebook wall, or site! Keep an eye on it as it changes and updates itself. You can also decode the numbers to access a clean channel where you can submit your own stories from the zones. Tell your story and turn it in, and it might make it in to the player to be broadcast around the zones. Click the lightning bolt on the player to get the share code. Let¹s see your stories, Killjoys.

MCR Show In St. Louis

MCR have just announced a KPNT 105.7 show in St. Louis with on December 14th. Tickets go on sale 10/22/2010 at 5:00 pm CDT.  Click here to get tickets when they go on sale!

UK fans, pre-order your copy of the new album "Danger Days: The True Lives ofthe Fabulous Killjoys" today and receive brand new album track "The Only Hope For Me Is You" instantly.