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New Live Photos From MCR's European Tour

Check out new live pics from MCR’s current World Contamination Tour. Head over to the photo section to check them out. Photo credit - Penny Howle.

Watch Behind The Scenes From The Na Na Na Video

Check out footage from the Na Na Na video, featuring the MCR guys in the California desert as they enter the world of 2019!

Edinburgh Fan Tour Reports

The third stop on MCR’s “World Contamination Tour” was in Edinburgh, Scotland. MCR fan tour reporters Leigh-Ann B. and Stephanie S. were there when it happened, and they had this to say:

“The band played a mixture of new and old songs and it was brilliant to see them in a more stripped down setting because it proved whether they had a big set or not they could still put on an explosive performance. Their interaction with the crowd was fantastic as Way is a natural stage man and the whole band played as if it was their last show.” - Stephanie S.

“The contrast between the band backstage and the band performing was clear: Gerard’s excitement brought on some technical difficulties –smashing the microphone against the floor on their first song, breaking it, but recovered swiftly. Ray was shredding his guitar whilst Frankie rocked out on the floor as the crowd chanted for Mikey Way several times though out the night.” - Leigh-Ann B.

For the full reports and set list, click “READ MORE

New Cover Artwork For "SING"
Check out the artwork for the track "Sing" - from their upcoming album.