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Sat, 04/16/2011
Supporting MCR is The Architects.
MCR’s Fifth AP Cover

My Chemical Romance’s fifth Alternative Press cover came out yesterday. Make sure to get your copy now!

Limited Edition “Danger Days” Vinyl - SOLD OUT
UPDATE: Limited Edition Colored Vinyl Is Sold Out Look alive, motorbabies! The Limited Edition "Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys" vinyl is available now. These 500 red, white and blue vinyl pieces are being sold exclusively through MCR’s online store. The black vinyl is available in US and International music stores, at the MCR online store, and at

Gerard Sits Down With Billy Bush
Check out the video below of Gerard sitting down with Billy Bush on his show, “In Your Space.” Gerard draws Billy, talks about being on the road, how he protects his voice, and what he always has to have with him on tour.

Photos From 98.7 FM Rare Acoustic Show

Visit the 98.7 fm photo gallery to check out photos taken by Stefania Rosini of the rare acoustic performance at the Historic Hollywood Tower.

MCR Performs “SING” and “Vampire Money” on Lopez Tonight
Last night on Lopez Tonight, MCR performed “SING” on air, then recorded “Vampire Money” as a web exclusive! Check out the videos below.


Vampire Money:

Win an MCR Prize Pack from AP

My Chemical Romance is set to appear on the cover of AP for the 5th time, and to celebrate, AP is giving fans a chance to win a huge prize pack!

2 grand prize winners will receive:
• An Autographed copy of issue #272
• Limited edition vinyl copy of Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (only 1,000 made!)
• My Chemical Romance & Alternative Press merch pack
• Back issue copies of 210, 221 and 258 all featuring My Chemical Romance.

18 runners up receive:
• An autographed copy of issue #272


Live From LA: Killjoys Make Some Noise

Starting on Thursday, January 27th at 8:30 AM, MTV2 will air MCR: Live In LA. The show was recorded on November 22nd at the House Of Blues in Hollywood, CA. The performance will air again on Friday the 28th at 3 AM on MTV2. The performance will also air on MTV Hits starting on the week of January 24th.


Tue, 1/25 @ 12p (P)
Tue, 1/25 @ 8:30p
Wed, 1/26 @ 10a
Wed, 1/26 @ 3:30p
Fri, 1/28 @ 9a
Fri, 1/28 @ 6p
Sat, 1/29 @ 1p
Sun, 1/30 @ 4p

Thu, 1/27 @ 8:30A (P)
Fri. 1/28 @ 3AM

Thu, 1/27 @ 11A (P)
Thu, 1/27 @ 7P
Fri, 1/28 @ 3A
Sat, 1/29 @ 7A
Sat, 1/29 @ 3P
Sat, 1/29 @ 11P
Sun, 1/30 @ 10A
Sun, 1/30 @ 6P
Mon, 1/31 @ 2A

MCR to Release Limited Edition “Danger Days” Vinyl

On February 1st, MCR will release “Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys” on limited-edition colored and black vinyl!

At 11 AM PST on February 1st, the limited 500 RED, WHITE and BLUE swirl vinyl will be on sale exclusively through MCR’s online store.

The standard black vinyl will be available at US and International retail outlets, on the band’s website, and

MCR Performs “Na Na Na” and “Planetary (GO!)” on Fuel TV
Check out video of MCR’s performing “Na Na Na” and “Planetary (GO!)” on Fuel TV!

"Planetary (GO!)"

"Na Na Na"