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Thank you so much, My Chemical Romance.

When I saw Gerard's tweet on Twitter, my heart almost stop beating. I could not believe it. I jumped out of bed, opened this website, and my worst fear stared me right in the face. I wanted to cry.
And later on, so I did... I listened to those beautiful songs you have created, and I cried. It is hard to realize that this is true, and I don't want to.

My Chemical Romance have meant so much to me. I love their music, I love the members with their beautiful personalities and creative, and perfectly absurd minds. I just love you all!
I was praying and waiting for a new album to come out, so that


Well, this is my first post here. Hello, fellow MCRMY-ians!

I don't have time to say much at the moment, I just want to let all of you MCR-fans out there know, that I love you for likely being as weird and crazy about My Chemical Romance as I am.
MCR is a huge part of my life, and I love them and their music from the bottom of my, weird, little, MCR-craving heart. I live in a very small place, and I don't really know anyone who listens to MCR in the way I, and obviously you do. Not even my freinds, those ignorant bastards!