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Don't laugh at me...

Gerard was addicted to alcohol not drugs right?

I never write poetery if thats what this is cosidered so sorry

Tick. Tock.
The clock reminds me time is running out.
It's dark.
It's always dark.
I search and search but there's no light.
tick. tock. tick. tock.
I feel madness.
The constant reminder the end is coming.
You can hit the clock, break the clock, throw the clock,
but you can never beat time.
tick. tock. tick. tock.
I wish to live in the moment,
to never die.
Somethings happening now that will never happen again.
Once now's gone it's not coming back.
tick. tock.
It slips through your fingures
Like the fine sand of an hourglass.
You cant stop it but it stops you.
We are at the mercy of time,


yes its a popular cold pplay song but i think it's an eerie concept. dont you ever wish you coulgd live in the moment. the constant ticking of a clock reminds me theres something that dcan only be done know and you will never get now back. The stupid, annoying, incipid ticking is justr a reminder of coming closer to the end. I know its also a good thing, a sign of progression, but what can I say Im a paraniod pessamist :) Just something to ponder. Oh and I have a clock in my living room tht looks JUST LIKE THIS!
zbattery bulletz

Steel Arson Here

I just wanted to say hey from Steel Arson!! I am Battery Bullet's bestest friend. Isn't that dope? I'm the chick who was "tired of mcr" for a little while. DOPE!

Welll its not that big a deal. shes not cute when she sings oit she was actueally smacking me while she was but it made he calm down a bit hahah! yes art IS a weapon gerard!
zbattery bulletz

Id really appreciate it if you'd give me some imput...please:)

Hey i finished part of my mcr report im not so sure of it so far so id like som =e constructive critisism. thank you :)
“We don’t want to be rich; we just want to try to reach as many people as possible and really try to make a difference.” This quote is by Gerard Way, the lead vocalist in My Chemical Romance. While his success left him and the rest of the band rather wealthy, I still think he’s achieving his goal. My Chemical Romance is an underdog band. They weren’t popular as kids, came from poor families and still managed to make it.

Why Am I so Damn Good at freaking myself out!?!?!

Im a horror fanatic. ITs a recent thing. So I watched 2 horrors with my dad tonight one was called jennifer and it was basically porn the other was called fear of the dark. after that we watched a documentary on aliens. I believe aliens definitly exist. Ever sense i was a little girl I had a crush on my older nieghbor. Well he LOVED to freak me out so he would always tell me aliens were gonna eat my dog and abduct/kill all of us. He tramatized me sooo bad. I cant believe im still freaked out though.
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Gerard = porcupine

Today i figured out my favorite person and my new favorite animal the porcupine have 3 things in common.
2. they can both be brutal when offended but only standing up for themselves
3. I will never be able to hug either :*(

Are there any MCRmy boys?

I was thinking about it today and I dont think ive seen one guy on this site. Is it just that girls are the only people that get this obsessive? anyhiow speak up if im just overlooking all of you!

Spreadin the word!

So Ive been working on an mcr research paper in language arts for a long time now and my teacher used my paper as an examole because its sooo good! exciting right? ok not really but I was proud he used it for all 6 classes. The part he shared was my thesis which was My Chemical romance is the best band of today because of thier humble beginings, fast pased careers and fascinating personal lives. I went into this wanting to do it right. im doing good!
zbattery bulletz