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ill try not to write a book...hahah

I'm sorry I've been blowing up the site today its just been so long sense I've been on. In that time I fell in love then he dumped me for a girl he used to hate...I had a few breif relationships after but I got cheated on in one of then and the other....tjings just got wierd. But I've just gone full circle sense I was last on three years ago! Hahah. I was a member of my color guard and my best friend I guess felt threatened and framed me for some nasty things so...I quit.

I've missed you so so much

I'm aware I just posted lm sorry I'm just so happy to be home again. I've been feeling really alone lately so it was a good time to come back :) last time I was on was 3 years ago.... <3

I'm back!

It feels so good to be back with the mcrmy. We truley are family. I quit coming to this site for a little while nut I.missed it dearly. It had to do with parent issues. I jusr got dumped by my boyfriend of two years quit my job and basically got kicked off the color guard but if feels incredible to know even if mcr isn't tecnically making music right now I still have them ans all of you battery bullet has returned!


Recently I went to camp it was fun yadda yadda yadda then I met Griffin. lt and we emmediantly hit it off he played me on a song on the piano. It was airpanes and it was amazing. Even after we brokke up when he was playing piano I had to kiss him again. So we went to a dance together and he asked me out. He was perfect for so long pullng out chairs opening doors giving me complements it was great then 1 day in the pool we kissed.


Any body know all the killjoy symbbols? like dead pegusus and all that jazz? not like the ones that are like the wierd smiley face kobra and star and pills, like thier actual symbols. What are they called
zbattery bulletz

I threw a perty for gerard!

My friends just left. I three wa party for gerard and it was soooo fun only 4 of us total but we ding dong ditched made him a red velvet cake to match his hair and played mcr sguitar hero songs to was unbelieveable:)
-Battery Bullet

Party Pioson!

Congrats from battery bullet! youve made it through another year without getting dusted Keep running! Ill be Running too! Happy birthday gerard. we love you.
zBattery Bulletz

Please tell me im still a part of your family

Im not allowed to mesage comment or even really blog in here anymore please tell me im sstill a part of this loving family. I feel bad like im turning my back on all of you.
zbattery bulletz

im sorry.

Im not allowed to mesage on this site anymore. just talk about mcr. but I want you all to know I still love u just like i did yesterday :)
zbattery bulletz

I know I posted a goodbye blog...

I posted a goodbye blog a while ago im not allowed on here. But I cant stay away! only mcr things from now on though. I m just soooo excited my orchestra teacher told me we may play disenchanted in a concert! thanks to me!