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gerard selling his house...?

I feel really huty bevause I heard gerard sold his house because the fans won't stop harrassing him :( just so much change I'm still really down about the break up I feel like ill nver get ovrr it. I wonder if gerard will keep singing on the side like in callaborations like proffessional hrieffers and I wonder if hell do like comic book signings. If I could do one thing before I die I want to meet gerard still sad but the break up but carrying the mcr flam for them along with the rest of u ~battery bullet

goodmorning :)

Morning lovelies! I've just been feeling really good lately. A lot of shit happened to me got dumped after two years had to quit my job got basically kicked out of color huard but somehow I'm fine. Amd I feel that's a large part thamks to you guys for making me feel I belong somewhere and thanks to mcr and fob amd my new friends so just thanks and good morning and my. Dad and I may be doimg the revwnge era make up with my little sisrer tosay maybe ill do pictures later. Keep running!- battery bullet

my friends birthday "card"

Feturing my crappy yet cute drawings of framk gerard and brendan urie...ya ik random lol

Its like a my chem divorce sometimes I worry and wonder if they believ the same things that we live by because they dang it to us. I have to believe they do but sometimes I wonder do they care about us just as much? I miss them! Still heartbroken- battery bullet

ferard impersonators!

Haha sorey if I already losted thits my phones being woerd this is our feminine enterpretation of ferard lol do u like it?

make up is fun

My friend and I as ferard? Can u dig?

just for gerard

Why. Why do they keep up the tour tab? As some false hope that one day there will magically be shows underneath it? Whybdo you tease me so?

just bottled up thoughts on ieroween :)

First off I almost sisnt wear my fin from adventure time footsies to school this morning but then frank wss like do it who cares what they think!

good news!

Goodmorning killjoys! So I have some good news. Yesterday I was at the mall in my my chem shurt and I walked into fye and afellow kill joy pulled me over to talk about it. I have been lioking for a job for a while and the manager was really nice he said he'd try to look at my resume and stuff first. ..sorry about tbe boring story. But I'm happy. :)