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thanks guys :)

So the other day I was really really upset over some less than important stuff and you were all there for me and it made me feel so good and thats just so nice of everybody to step up and want to comfort someone that you dont even know. But things are going a lot better for me! I asked yhis guy put and he said yes and wrre gonna go see Godzilla! I really like him so pumped thank you for the support you're all fabulous!!

I just really need a hug :(

Like most of the people on here music is my passion. Ive played the violin for seven years im at the top of my class and just today got rejected by a string camp. It felt like getting dumped by music and im just so upset I want to give up and just say I wasn't meant to make music and my mom wants me to too! I dont have a lot of friends I can share this with. So I didnt know who to talk to it just hurts so bad. For months whenever things got bad I thought about how im going away to a two week long heaven to do what I love.

advice appreciated :)

So there's a lot of things in my mind and id really appreciate talking it out with some of you killjoys.
Im as falling in love again for the first time after my x of two years brutally dumped me for some slut. I still dream of him and it kills me but Im really trying to move on. I think this new boy could help me. But i don't see him reciprocating.


It won't let me post most of my blogsA they keep saying unpublished I even tried ona a new profile no good! Can anybody help?

do you guys remember....

Do you guys remember a few years ago when our beloved my chem and a red haired gerard performed for new years *sob*zbattery bulletz

I wanna start a band.

So I don't know if u guys have ever heard of rocksmith but its an awesome video game that teachess you how to play guitar! I got it for xmas and it turns out I'm actually pretty good I already played violin and that helped me. I'm not doing it just to do it tho I want to start a band! I just don't know who to go to or what to do . My friends aren't really musical and who else is going to be into the kind of music I wanna play. U guys got suggestions or any help? Thanks :) zbattery bulletz

because this is a safe area haha

Okay so mcr came on at the end of the day at school so I went to celebrate with my friend and she informs me that my x of two years new girlfriend walked up to her just to inform my friend that I was kicked out of one of my friends house for threetening her (my xs girlfriend) which surprise surprise never happened! I just fomd that so disrespectful and jeeze bitch let go! I've never even spoken to her! I just felt like I needed to talk to someone but if I talk to anybody I know it'll turn into an ordeal so thamks killjoys :) for letting me vent
Z battery bulletz

from pain comes beauty :)

So I had this horrible horrivle dream abojt mt x boyfriend and my concert coming up and it really hurt me but then I felt compelled to draw this I feel better now! U guys like it? The words on the staff are the world will never take my heart oh and as I'm posting this the black parade came on my pandora! Haha so perfect

gerard and I use the same coffee the t O.o

Today he posted a pic of the creamer he uses and I used it this moening....I feel so specail

I got a tattoo!

My first tattoo! I originally wanted black parqde lyrics but it was gonna be too hig but bc I am a violinist and the subtle umbrella acedemy reference and just music in general this is wahat I got the white will be whiter when it heals. Its on my foot. Do u like it,!?!