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Bulletproof Heart

So I was on google and found these pictures. If Bulletproof Heart has it's own cd, does that mean it's been released as a single? I haven't heard anyone say it's become a single, so I'm a bit confused.. Does anyone know? If you do, please comment! Thanks(:

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What a contradiction! -starburst commercial guy's accent-

awake and alive -Skillet

asleep or dead -My Chemical Romance

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MCR 30 Day Challenge- Day 15

Favorite Gerard hair color:

Either black or red.. I guess I'll have to go with red because I was like WOAH that's different! because before Danger Days I hardly listened to them. I had Black Parade, but I didn't like very many songs from it then, I thought they were too dark.. I knew when I saw pictures of them dressed as killjoys that their new album was going to be a lot different. Now I love Black Parade & Revenge. I don't have Bullets yet though..

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My Chemical Romance < 3

Hey guys! I made a MCR fan page on facebook. I'll be posting my personal favorite pictures, videos, quotes, and whatever else that has to do with the band. So please check it out! :D


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Yay, we beat Tokio Hotel!!! Now we just need to beat Green Day. I don't think My Chem. could go up against a better band than Green Day for the final battle(:

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guess this song!

I'm bored, so I picked out my favorite songs. Try and guess what songs they are by my favorite lyrics. Have fun guys! (I wanted to put more MCR, but I decided to mix it up a bit.)

1. you only live forever in the lights you make..you only hear the music when your heart begins to break

2. i used to be the kid no one cared about, that's why you just gotta keep screamin til they hear you out

3. back, you wanna turn back, your hear will attack...try to look in her eyes, the light is just right

4. yeah, yeah, and it's okay. i tie my hands up to a chair so i don't fall that way

5. send me away with the words of a love song..

6. if you stay i would either wait all night or until my heart explodes

7. a rose that won't bloom, winters kept you, don't waste your whole life trying to get back what was taken away

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We seriously need to kick it up a notch because Tokio Hotel is really catching up on us! VOTE KILLJOYS!!!!


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Not really feeling up to waking up at 8:00 on a Saturday to cheer for football players in our pep band. I feel like I should though because our band needs as many people we can get to play..

This is a bit off topic, but when it was marching season, our band was marching the homecoming parade. Before we started marching, my friend said something about the whole band dying from some tragic incident that would happen during the parade. It reminded me of the Black Parade..oh, to die in a marching band...

-Midnight Angel

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MCR 30 Day Challenge- Day 13

Favorite picture of them

I have a couple favorites, but I went with this one.

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I got the idea to make a petition for people who want a couple of free things from the online store. So just sign your killjoy name and this will be over on December 31, 2011. Repost this with your killjoy name.

1.) Synyster Shadow X3
2.) Radio Babe :)
3) Poison Pride
4) Red Chemical Explosion Screams! x_X
5) Midnight Angel
6) Dahvie DEAD! x_x