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... is something great.

whatever, i'm in pain. i found this word on :
"cervical cancer vaccination"
english, oh english.
not my first language.
most of you girls know what i mean.. and no, guys, at least once this hasn't got something to do with period, it's just the arm hurting. and i'm dizzy and tired and in bad mood. well, i should be glad for this. no cervical cancer for me!

whatever (again), i listened to a lot of new music lately!
at least it's new to me. :)
i discovered the 70s with all it's glory, since i've been stuck in the 60s for quite a while.

half a year

very much happened since august. i would even call them the strangest months of my life. some good days and many terrible weeks in between. but it starts to get better, i think.

I'm quite good at playing the guitar now. i love it and i can really imagine to start a band if I get the chance. in a few months i will move to a town close to our village and go to a new school. i really look forward to leave this miserable school.

okay. like one year ago i had about 10 cds.
yesterday i had 23.
today i have 27. i went shopping and bought 5 awesome albums, and there are still 13 left on my list.


now that I've stared at the word "existED" (wikipedia popup when i googled mcr to get to this site) for ten minutes, i think i calmed down a little.

heart broken twice in two weeks:
1.the boy I'm seriously in love with for six years or something, fell in love with a good friend of mine. they're both in my class, so i have to watch them being in love with each other ALL DAY. and everybody is talking about them, like: "oh, aren't they CUUUTEE??" NO. they aren't. whaaat?

conventional weapons..

..are you as excited as me?
when i got the e-mail, i just thought: wohoo, 'the world is ugly' !
but seriousy, i am very happy about that "locked away" songs being released now. and it's kind of good that no new era is there, but a 'concentrate on the music'-period. after the intense danger days time it is better that way.
and i am quite surprised about it. i thought of a big new album, kind of a sequel of danger days.
but thanks, mcr, that you took that step.

sorry about me being all confused and just writing these confused thoughts down, but it has been a fucking long week, and it is

all new :)

whoa, i was surprised when i came up here :)
new 'logo', new background ( black :D ) and so on :)
i like it. i mean, i'll miss the old backgrounds and the other stuff but a new album means a new era, right? didn't i tell you a few months ago?
i have always been sure that the website here will change with the next album, so i kinda expected it. but don't make a big deal out of it, please.
even if the new album is gonna be like danger days - completely different from the others before - don't hate on it.

it's been too long, sweethearts

it's been too long :)
i wanted to post when holidays began, and now they're over. oops.
whatever, for some time now i've got real guitar lessons, and the more i practise, the more my guitar seems to be the worst guitar on earth :D
but i don't know enough yet to buy a better guitar.
maybe in one or two years i can buy one, when i am sure i really want to play this instrument, and want it to be my second main instrument. now it is piano.

wounds and tongues ! .. this is not as strange as it sounds, i promise.

now that i own the desolation row music video, i watch it every time i can.
it is soo cool ! *fangirl attack*

did you EVER notice that frank is sticking his tongue out in the end?
i laughed for minutes, my family really worried about me sitting alone in my room, giggling. but honestly, after all this punks-fighting-cops thing and the excessive coolness .. lil frankie is sticking his tongue out. :D

i started playing guitar again, and now my fingers nearly bleed as i'm typing.

(you see, the wounds didn't have anything to do with the tongues, so calm down)

i need to practise more.

in loyalty,

oh my god, i'm so sorry

i am such an idiot.
i haven't been at home since monday morning, and sunday evening i thought-
whoa, gerards birthday is tomorrow! let's post something cause you're not there for the next week!
well.. i forgot it.
and monday morning was too busy, so i didn't even sing 'happy birthday'..
so, now a belated

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear gerard, happy birthday to you !

to the co-god of rock.

three things just came to my mind.

1. well, i forgot gerards birthday,
2. my arm is full of paint, because our hall is getting repainted and of course i had to lean

and still not such a good mood here

great weather again.
good day after all..
i am so tired.
this is so unnecessary !
but at least i told you anything.
you know that new song by aura dione, at least i got my friends?
I HATE THAT SONG. i just can't listen to it without getting serious thoughts about killing this whole generation. except of you, killjoys, of course.

just a song, just a song..

i love you. xo janna

by the way, i'm totally into three cheers again.
second time this year!
after a long bullets period (these are always very long) and two weeks of black parade, and this crazy last week of lana del ray, heaven help us and

still not such a good mood here

holidays next week..
oh man, i don't want to go to school the next four days.
ain't that important anyway.
as if i could learn anything there.
the weather is awesome.
sorry for my randomness.
signing off, simpsons on!

xo janna