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Am I A Bad Fan? xD

My stats as to how well I know MCR albums:

Bullets: Don't know the song names in order/ off the top of me head/song names in general | Don't know all of the lyrics well

Three Cheers: Don't know the song names in order/ off the top of me head | Know *most* lyrics

Black Parade: I know all of the songs by heart/ off the top of me head | I know all lyrics

Danger Days: Don't know all of the song names in order/off the top of me head/song names in general | I know *some* lyrics

I think they only reason as to why I know BP so well is because it was the only album I listened to for an entire year. x_x And I listened to it on the computer when I didn't have a stereo, so all of the names popped up. xD

I feel so terrible! I should get to know my albums/songs better.

*makes checklist of things to do*

-JANIE. =3

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The Night Of The Hunter

Anybody seen this movie?
I just finished watching it.
It was really good, but I still don't understand what happened in the court room when John didn't speak up about the preacher.
And what even happened to the preacher? Either I didn't get it or I didn't hear it well (my sister was jibber-jabbering xD).

Nasty old man.

God I just hate it when people (or story plots, per se) harm children in any way. I mean, who threatens little children like he did?! It's not right.

But eh, it was just a movie.
And goodness I loved it in black and white. It wouldn't have been as dramatic otherwise. Same goes for The Bad Seed, another great suspense movie. It's not really scary, just a bit surprising? xD

I love those kinds of movies.



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I have concluded...

I've concluded that 2-inch heels and a bass truly help with the back bending.

She can lean further back without becoming off balance because of the weight of the bass evening it out. I'm still not sure why heels help, but I did try out that factor, and it really does help you stay balanced. xD

I have guitars and such, but I'm hesitant to use them for back bending. <.<

I still have trouble immediately standing back up after bending. And I might crash the instrument if I try. xD

Lyn-Z, I'm still amazed by your back bends. (Whether or not you still do em? I dunno. But I love watching taped performances and seeing you easily bend. I'm so jealous. xD)

*practices more*


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Well, I'm very into practicing my Lyn-Z backbend.
And although I've touched my forehead to the floor a couple times, I keep forgetting to stretch before doing so. XD

I just nearly killed my back.

*stretches cautiously*

I'll see if I can have my sister take a picture of me! xD

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Ohmygosh!!! xD

I feel like a spammer, posting a blog EVERY SECOND something cool happens.

But I think this is appropriate..

Sing came on. *KEEP RUNNIN!*

Even though it is a *CD* and it can be put on replay, I still freak out when a good song comes on when it's in order. =D

And I freak out even more if I hear it on the radio, or at school.
-Oh? Did I tell you my Science teacher put together a presentation, and SING WAS THE SONG TO GO WITH THE PICTURES?! xD

It was a graduation thing, for leaving 7th grade.

Whoop! I'm in Algebra 1 next year! xD

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Proud. ^_^

"I feel inspired."
*Rushes to turn on music*
"Hmmmm.... who shall I listen-YOU IDIOT! MCR!"
*Pops in Danger Days*
"My Chemical Romance?"
"Because you're loud?"

*cranks music louder*


I love my mom.

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Wake up in the morning feeling like.... a zombie? xD

I. Need. Caffeine.


Not only did I stay up 'till 3am last night, but I woke up at 7am, and wasted my time for three hours. xD


Ooooh! Haha. I never mentioned quick fully that I'm a role player.
I've done stories from wolves, to horseback riding classes, to Adam Lambert/Tommy Ratliff, an NYC-b ased murder plot, doctors, actresses, singer's/musicians, a lot of gay and lesbian couples, actually as well.


It's hard to role play straight people! It really is! I've only done it, say, 3 times successfully?

I'm such an idiot.

But because my RP-gang (It's quite a connection - We all live in places like Ireland *I forget her region..*, Montreal, to California, to Florida, Tennessee, New York, and BACK to Ohio... xD I know about 3 people from Ohio who RP well) aren't familiar with the band,

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I'm sorry! I was taking off makeup and such... <.< Thanks all who replied to my last one. xD
But I'm on again. =]
Chat chat chat chat chat chat . . .

And imma go R+R a fic. :D

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Anybody On?! D:

I feel so lonely.
Maybe it's because I have only one friend on here.. or it's the fact that NOBODY IS BLOGGING, so i can't entertain my wee brain. x'D

I nearly was sick from eating so much icecream. Even thinking about it makes me gag. xD

Ehm, I'm still freaking out about owning tickets to MCR's concert. *shrieks AGAIN*

Jake has yet to email me back (Damn meh boyfriend is slow getting to his inbox. xD)

I want to talk to someone. =] Make new friends! xD

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Back! Muahahahaaa

Yep. Jane logged on again. It's time to party.

Wait what?!

I know. =] I just like saying shit like that. xD

Oh, and I brought some cake. Vanilla cake, chocolate cake, and that carrot cake nobody wants to buy. xP
Ice cream? Sorry Charlie, you must bring yer own.

See how I didn't say music? It's because we all know our first choice of ANYTHING would be My Chemical Romance.

Now all we have to rock-paper-scissor battle out is which song to choose.


Love y'all,