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I Love Christmastime.

Every year, after we buy our real spruce Xmas tree, my sister and I camp out in the dining room below the beautifully decorated gymnosperm (or conifer, or plant, or well, my Christmas tree...).

I usually have Black Parade playing on the soft speakers we have (it happened coincidentally one year, so we usually repeat it for a laugh), but sometimes we switch it up and play the enchanting Christmas album my mom got oh-so-many years ago, with all of the traditional songs you usually hear on oldies' stations.
(No Mariah Carey, or Justin Bieber...)

So right this moment, my sister's down-downstairs in the long room playing video games with my dad, while I'm downstairs underneath the tree typing this blog while listening to White Christmas by the ever-glorious Bing Crosby.

The room smells heavenly, that usual pine smell that targets my olfactory senses to initiate my Christmas spirit.

That is.. if I feel like having a Christmas spirit.

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I Just Died.

Frank's smile at the end.

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I broke up with Alex.

He was being a perverted, video-game induced psycho-path who can't keep his dirty hands to himself.

Not only that, but he's a weird piece of work, I tell yeh.
I've met plenty of obsessive, jealous who can't stop playing/talking about/quoting/living/breathing/shitting on their damn video games.
BUT HE.... HEEEEEEEEEE is just impossible.


I tried.

I really did.

But I couldn't. xD *LAUGHS*

*COUGH COUGH COUGH ... choke.*


Michelle was there in my room when we did it over the phone. Megan, however, was being an ass towards him. xD
I don't blame her. I would be too if someone like him was grabbing my friend's ass and was being a total perv and was being kinda violent to my 10 YEAR OLD SISTER. I mean, DAMN. NOBODY TOUCHES MY SISTER. 0_0
She'll kill you.

I'm craving the Half and Half Lemonade/Iced Tea shit.
Addicting, I swear.

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I Love It When People Do This:

I love it when people:

Insert little quotes or song lyrics into My Chemical Romance fanfics
Let me rant about the Hunger Games cast
Ask me for MCR facts (which.... I will go on and on and on and on and on and on if you do let me ever do such a thing ^^)
Gush over how cute my beagle dog is (he's REALLY adorable)
Compliment my fiery red hair
Watch me sing along to MCR when HotTopic plays one of their songs
Ask me where I bought my clothes
Talk about me behind my back (good or bad... at least they even know I exist)
Tell me secrets (despite the fact that I have a big mouth... either the person is really stupid or REALLY trusts me)
Try and prove me wrong on a topic I know EVERYTHING about (My Chemical Romance, anyone? ; horses, people? ; beauty tips?)
Call me first on the phone (I'm ALWAYS the one calling people... and I'm sorta getting sick over it)
Talk too much (I'm usually the one who talks forever... I like hearing someone else for a change)

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Freaking out.

I'm an Alien and a Killjoy.



Vote for Killjoys, we're awesome. xD

But damn MTV, they said I have voted "too many times" and I need a "cooling off" break. =____= FUCK YOU.



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OOPS I STOLE THIS. Arrest me now. *holds wrists out*

The Basics:
Name: Jane
Age: NOYB.
School: NOYB. =D
Nationality: Caucasian

Hobbies: Fanfic reading; photoshopping; drinking coffee; horseback riding; drawing/painting ; playing saxophone; photography

Love Life:
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Yehp.
Do you like someone?: Yehp.
Does anyone like you?: Yehp.
Have you ever kissed anyone?: Yehp. Just today, and just yesterday...
Hugged anyone in the past week?: ;D

Who is your best friend?: Michelle.
Where did you meet them?: 5th grade year in Science class.
Did you lose any friends this year?: Yeah.. A lot, actually.
Gain any?: Austin...
Meet a special friend?: Naw, dude.
Did you hang out with any friends in the past week? Yeah. Michelle and I stalked Bradly, played Hide and Seek in our highschool, and watched hot dudes at the woorkout room.

New Years Eve
Did you do anything at midnight?: Yeah. I drank cranberry champagne and watched fucking MCR on TV!

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Just Waiting...

Lip balm everyday, sharpie-on-fingers writing, the mysterious "Alex from Indiana."

That's my daily routine.

And I can't wait until tomorrow- my lovely and gorgeous boyfriend's coming over to my house again.

Raisinets, anyone?
Fucking addictive, I say.

Back onto topic-

It's impossible to explain to every wondering soul in my school who Alex is. Their belief is that if they don't know the person, the person isn't real.
Just because Alex lives 20 minutes away in Indiana, does online schooling, and doesn't have a Facebook does not mean he's fake.

Cause fucking hell, he's NOT fake.


His name written all over my hand?
Already done.

Pictures tomorrow?
Yes indeed.

First kiss tomorrow?
Hope so.

Raisinets bulk?


-Mercury Strike

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You Know What's Funny?

On ALLLLLLL of the MCR albums (minus TBPID- I have yet to purchase that one,) tracks 2 and 5 are some of the best songs.

Our Lady of Sorrows
Give 'Em Hell Kid
I'm Not Okay
Cemetary Drive [Live]
Helena [Live]
Planetary (Go!)

Any one agree?


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MCR and 30°f Weather

MCR + Halloween party + Freezing cold = Fucking epic night.


So last night was Jamie's Halloween party. She had a DJ, an outdoor dancefloor, bonfires, and shitty neighbors who threatened to call the cops. HELLO THERE, WE'RE 12-year-old delinquents.

I came third place for Costume Queen?
And there was a tie for two kings AND two queens!


The dancefloor was packed with people dancing to shit like Nicki Minaj and Young Money and Eminem... so i requested the DJ to play some NaNaNa.

He did...

and everybody left the fucking dancefloor.

Sam, Elizabeth and I tried to star sort of like a mini-mosh... and it didn't work. =___=


Hit songs at MCR concerts are usually not hit songs at dance parties, sadly.

And I mean, the ENTIRE floor cleared withing .8 of a second.

*rolls eyes*


Oh, i'm listening to Skrillex right now.

Dubstep is cool, ad I'm just now getting into it.


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Yaaaaaaaaay. Sweet Sorrow.

Despite my lack of major age.... Here's my entry for the jacket contest.
I don't have the mannequin nor the materials to actually create the jacket... so.. a Photoshop rendition? =D