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It's snowing, and it's 5:37am.

I haven't been here in quite some time. In fact, I haven't been anywhere in quite some time. I'm not as social or as adventurous as I was last year. There's only a few things on my agenda so far:

School resumes January 3rd, on a fucking Thursday, so I shall complain as I'm sitting in English class at 7:30am.
My birthday is on January 6th, so I shall be eating cake.
My XO - LeATHERMOUTH and Mongrel - The Number 12 Looks Like You CDs shall arrive around January 22nd, so I shall mosh in my room.
The Used concert is February 8th, so I shall mosh in public.

I'm still kind of peeved, as Orange Twin has yet to reply to my email about whether or not there will be a shipping update regarding my Neutral Milk Hotel shirt. I ordered the two CDs listed above from Amazon on like, December 30th, and one of them is already in Cincinnati, but the Neutral Milk Hotel shirt I ordered on December 25th hasn't been shipped. Asdfjkl;.
Orange Twin's phone number isn't working, either.

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May 31st.

I'm not too sure what this whole "quote" thing is, so count me lost. Today is a day of mourning for me. Why so?
The Used is playing at Bogart's and I cannot go due to the fact it is a Thursday and Bogart's is a fucking bar. -_-

My life= forever ruined.

I guess I got over not seeing MCR the first time (Cleveland, OH is too far away from Cincinnati, OH), but then again, I got to see them a year later when they came to Riverbend for Honda Civic.

I just pray to fucking Bert The Used comes back. ♥

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Meant To Be?

You won't believe this. Hell, I still don't believe it.

Olivia-- a fucking fantastic Killjoy who enjoys the same things I like-- and I talk every night, either over the phone or through texting.
Guess where we met?
Omegle. TWICE.
Of all things.
We role played the first time, introducing ourselves with,
"Gerard? is that you?"
"Frank! How's it going!?"

We role played for an hour or so, and then I had to leave.
Next day:
"Gerard? is that you?"
"Frank! How's it going!?"

I asked about the day before, and she said that was her. (:
I gave her my former facebook, and then my phone number. We've been talking for months, role playing for hours at a time.

She lives in Ontario, Canada, and I live in fucking Ohio, USA.

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What Project?

So this summer, (being a total Art nerd), I MUST have projects to work on. I'm getting paid a good $40 for a Lady Gaga portrait, but that'll be finished in a week maximum.

I have plenty of paper, plenty of supplies. I'm not fantastic in painting-- but I could do it. I'm more dominant in graphite.
I have large paper, small paper, medium paper, coloured paper, everything.
I can do graphic art (with Photoshop CS2,) teeshirt painting, Converse coloring... xD
Hell, I'll go out and buy clay for a sculpture.


Any ideas on what to create?
Anything to draw?

This will more than likely be for myself-- I have yet to actually draw anything for myself. It's always for friends, which, I've never been paid for any of them. Those were more of practice on pleasing...

I'm slowly fading out of writing, but that's okay. I had a really long streak of that.

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Weekend Of Homework Much?

It seems as if all of our teachers has assigned (or well... have a due date) homework over the weekend, meaning it's in my tomorrow.


We're all in shit, right?


Kurt Cobain may be my husband (although it's never been released to the press x'D) but it is fucking HARD trying to write a report on him, given the fact that I am an extreme over-achiever.

It's due tomorrow...

I'm only on the second part out of like, five of my outline.


We should protest. Every fucking teacher gave us homework, and we're all fucking screwed. xD

Mercury Strike

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Sala Samobójców

This movie forever changed my view on things.

I, believe it or not, used to support suicide. Well, in a way, I suppose. But this movie-- I was in tears the entire time.

It's in Polish, but I found a good English subtitled version. (Free online streaming. xD I love illegal things...)

Dominik is like, THE world's best actor for this. He's Gerard Way. Back during Bullets. But way, wayyy more confused.
And then It's basically a love story between a suicidal Emilie Autumn and a vulnerable Gerard Way.

But despite it's [strangely appealing] looks and its foreign language (which, by the way-- the actors sound so... lovely. Speaking Polish.Compare it to a language that uses a lot of hushed tongue movements. Americans are loud mouthed and vibrant. They speak so soft and careful in Polish here, I'm in love...)... this is a deep, emotional movie.

Suicide is the entire theme-- in English the title is Suicide Room.
So... it's controversial. And very intriguing.

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Does Anybody Else Break Down In Tears?

I love listening to an album by MCR, then stopping it as soon as it's finished, and then think about it afterwards and how it made me felt.

Yeah, a lot of work, but I love the album more and more the better I understand it truly.

I was listening to my new copy of TBPID!, and I literally cried while he sang Cancer.

Yeah, cancer itself had a lot of significance in my family-- I mean, my mom overcame colon cancer twice, my grandfather died with prostate cancer, my grandmother died with numerous cancers...--- yet it never seemed to burden my life. Almost as if it were just that usual cold ye get.

But when Gerard sang Cancer live... it fucking killed me. It killed me because I was thinking about all of the kids who never grew up, the teenagers who went through the dreadful chemo, the adults who had no one there for them.

I guess I should feel a bit sorry for my family, but I just can't. The Davidsons and the Dyes are too strong for that.

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... Hahahahaha.

I had yet ANOTHER lesbian... and fairly steamy.... dream last night. I really wonder if this is trying to tell me something...
Not that I mind.

I'm listening to Snowflake - MCR. this song's so addictive, I sing it while walking to school, while walking through school, while walking out of school, and to the mall.


Green fur, blue skin, and the very silly way you grin,
Big fangs, small chin, there's so many special things about you! Things about you! Things about you!
(clap-clap - clap)


Love you all, and especially Dillon McCarthy (the fucking hot Junior boy I stalk everyday)

A.K.A. Mercury Strike

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Pencil Led and Peace Tea

Spending New Year's at my own house-- except this year, nobody else is coming over, and the entire house is either asleep or occupied by some ridiculous thing. So basically, I have no other choice but to blog this very moment...


New addiction: Peace Tea

New hoard: pencils, mechanical pencil led refills, woodless graphite.

What I'm Doing Right Now: typing with four fingernails freshly painted Tickled Pink; trying my damned hardest not to smudge nail lacquer all over the fucking keyboard....

Book I'm reading: Water For Elephants

What I'm wishing for at 11:11: for New Year's to be over already...

What I Hope For This Coming Year: A hug and a warm thank-you from Dillon McCarthy (most gorgeous man/Junior alive... next to Frank, Gerard, Mikey, and Ray...)

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Watching T.V.

I really shouldn't be blogging-- nothing's happened all day long. However, I felt the need to burn the battery in my laptop, so here I am, poised at the couch, waiting for 3:30 to allow MCR to play on Yo Gabba Gabba.
My entire house is asleep: Mom's snoring on the couch, dad's downstairs with his guitar in hand, snoozing. xD
I couldnt' really care where my sister's at. She's sorta pissing me off at the moment.

The school dance is on my birthday this year. I've got things planned:

I'm going to buy a vintage dress with my best friends Michelle and Judith-- Michelle'll do hair, Judith will do accessories, and I'll do makeup for all of us. We'll get ready at my house, get a ride to the dance, and then walk home over to Michelle's, which is right across the street from the High School.
We'll celebrate my birthday at Michelle's house, then sleep in her living room. The next day, we'll go over BACK to my house, and then celebrate with my family.