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Okie dokie! so imma go to my first ever MCR concert in two weeks! its pretty exciting because i got the tickets in December as a Christmas present and i started my countdown there. It used to be around 156 days until the concert and it has finally come down to only 17 more days!!!! i'm really jubilant here!! i mean i've been to other concerts but not to and MCR concert, so i cant wait to see Gerard's face in person! right now i can only see him from behind a screen so i don't really believe he exists.


My favorite song off the album is SUMMERTIME no question and when i see them in concert in May, they better play it! :D

Who's Coming

who's going to MCR's concert in May at the palladium in hollywood


danger days is the best album by MCR
since i listen to it constantly, destroya is stuck in my head
and i love it!


I erased my presale password!! what is it??


i love the new songs that mcr put out!! the songs are way higher than my expectations were!!!
my favorite out of the two is the only hope for me is you....<3 My Chemical Romance!!!


has anyone heard of the maybe cancelation of
i hope it doesn't happen!


hey has everyone seen the battle going on between Muse and MCR
it's killing that i dont know
i think tomorrow they'll post the winners on
you know it's his b-day on the 9th!!!!


i'm so upset right now and I'm totally overjoyed!!
My friends want to buy me that messenger bag on the merchendise thing
with that skeloton on it
they ( guy best friend, and girl best friend) said they would split their money just to get it for me
and for no special reason!!!!!!!!!
I'm SO excited!!!!!!!!!


I like this website so much andI was thinking about doing that contest to get the playlist on the myspace thing, if it's still available.