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hey guys, well i am doing a lot better with MCR's ending, the thing that truly made me accept it was Gerard's lovely letter that he wrote for all of us on twitter a while ago. I was sobbing while reading it, but it made me feel closure; all in all it was exactly what i needed. the only upside i see in this sorrowful era of music is that Gerard is tweeting so much now!!!! i love it!!!!!! every time i go on twitter,he's there or was there and has tweeted something full of meaning or plain entertaining to read.


frank and gerard's letter were beautiful but gerard's takes the gold!

its really sad to say bye

this is hurting me so much, i feel so empty knowing that the four people who helped me grow into the person i am today will no longer exist anymore as a whole. i don't understand why MCR has to end, but i know that everything happens for a reason and i'm trying to hold onto that but my whole childhood has involved their music and it helped me realize that my insecurities were not real and that there are good people out there. i only went to one of their concerts, i was so looking forward to going to another one.


Hey guys, i never really go on here anymore so i decided after reading your very interesting comments that i would join in. I just saw that Deadmau5 video with Gerard in it and it was pretty cool i just wish Gerard was the one that won the fight lol. School for me starts on Wednesday and im kind of excited just cuz the summer leaves me restless and eating every minute. One thing im not happy about is that i have cross country practice the morning of the first day of school and so now i fear i will have to go to my class all sweaty.

Black Friday


I love Gerard and Lindsey

i love them together and i love that they have a daughter. i hope they stay together until they die!! i think they are so lucky to found the love of their lives. WOOOOOOO! i sooooo wish i could meet them. they are my love icon. i hope i can be like them with a husband of my own one day.

Killjoy name: Ladybird Girl

Dear Children

my new favorite word is DECIPHER actually its not new its quite old. i was reading some of Gerard's blogs on here and they were so funny to me. i'd never read them before. it made me love him five million times more. i've also realized that i always use hyperboles. like on a daily basis of my conversations with people.


so did MCR win the teen choice awards or what???


omg yesterday i went to my first MCR concert and it was completely amazing. there was so much energy and Gerard sounded great. i had the best time ever and i hope to go to another one of their concerts in the future because i feel so different, in the best was possible!
long live MCR


i thought i might as well mention that my band is looking for a drummer!!!
if you can rock out on the drums, already own a complete or close to complete drum set, and live near Downey California.
(30 min from LA)
message me please!