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Hey everyone. Quick poll. What danger days ray gun should I get?
1. Ray (JET STAR) blue
2. Gerard (PARTY POISON) yellow
3. Mikey (KOBRA KID) Red


Acid rain here with some news from my zone.

Sometime in the next few months there’s gonna be a big killjoy meet in George square Glasgow and I urge all Scottish killjoys (and English or Irish if you can make it but I doubt you would travel that far) to attend. I don’t know exactly what’s gonna happen but there’s some videos on YouTube of the London meet and it looks really fun.

Also I was walking along yesterday, and I was approaching the cathouse rock club and guess what I saw??? Someone in a party poison jacket.


Hey there killjoys. Earlier this week I attended the Glasgow show for My Chem's world contamination tour. Anyone at front left hand side of the stage would have noticed during the first support act that the bouncers were pushing through the front row. WE BROKE THE BARIAR. The Glasgow killjoys forced their way forward and broke through the wall at the front and if that isn’t enough countless people were being pulled out of the crowd at the front. Including one of my mates who fainted, took a fit and cracked two of her friend’s ribs before being pulled out.

If you’ve been to one of my chemical


Hey there killjoys. I meant to post a blog on this before the concert but I didn't get the chance. Here is a pic of my banner for the concert earlier this week along with a BLI MP3 player and an American widow patch a made (which I threw on stage)

MCR 2011

Hey there killjoys,
Acid Rain here posting some info about my preparations for My Chemical Romance’s tour, they are gonna be in my zone in 9 days now, and in preparation for their arrival I've decided to make a banner. Remember in the beginning of the Na Na Na video when show pony takes the record to the doc, the big American flag with the spider on it? I'm making my own version of then, except it’s going to be a St Andrews cross instead of an American flag. I live in Scotland so it makes sense.

Here are some photos of my progress so far:

I’ve got all the things I need: flag, pencil, rubber,

1 year today

Hey all you Crash Queens and Motor Babies

I just thought I’d let all know that me and my girlfriend have been going out for a whole year, and it’s been a fucking great year, I just thought I’d post a little blog and let you all know how happy I am today.

Acid Rain signing off oxox

Good night Motorbabies

To all you Killjoys out there

It’s been a long day, I’ve blogged more in this one day than I have in my life, and when I’ve not been blogging I’ve been listening to Danger Days and watching Dr. Death Defying's listening party, it’s been a good day, everything revolved around MCR which was awesome :D
Good night Motor Babies

Acid Rain signing off


School sucks, everyone knows it, but here's my way of brightening up my school days.

Name 2

Thanks a lot to PARTY POISION34 for my new killjoy name,
It’s a shame no one else posted, but I honestly love the name
Thanks oxox.

Acid Rain signing off


Hey Killjoys

Hear the thing I’m struggling to think of a good killjoy name, my name on the website is just my usual user name, I’ve been thinking about using the name "Red Back" in direct link to my chem's new logo the spider, but I’m unsure if that name is already being used, also I have a feeling that there’s a better fitting name for me out there.

So do any you crash queens or motor babies have s suggestion or two for me???
If so let me know ;)

Jabbles701 signing off