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Currently making my custom guitar (this isnt it) these are picks of a friends guitar my sister painted it and shees gonna paint mines for me when i get the original paint stripped off. just posting this cause i said i would to a few ppl who messages me.

Stolen (i need somethig to do untill my package arrives)


A - AVAILABLE: Only for sexual experimentation with the same sex :L
B - BIRTHDAY: 8th December
C - CRUSHING ON: The guy I’m currently kinda seeing
D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Irn Bru. At like half 8 last night (it’s not 11.48 am)
E - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: My girlfriend or my Best friend
F - FAVORITE SONG: Vasolight - The Parting (Old disbanded band from my home town)
H - HOMETOWN: Coatbridge
I - IN LOVE WITH: My little bunny
J - JUGGLE: Not if my life depended on it
K - KILLED SOMEONE: Wanna kill my bassist...

Has anyone noticed?

Hey there everybody. I don’t know if you remember but around the time "Danger days the true lives of the fabulous killjoys" was released the band created a bunch of faux company websites for "Dead Pegasus Oil" and "Better Living Industries (BL/ind)". BLI had a bunch of videos from the woman in the “Sing” video and a lot of random stuff about the company and the zones and Dead Pegasus just had the one you tube video on loop, “How to be a better human” (posted by the user “DeadPegasusOil” on the 17th November 2010)

But the last few times I have been


I posted a blg earlier about the piercings im getting tomrow and i thought id make a post about all the piercings i wanna get.

(ive already got one lobe piercing in each ear)

1. 3 piercings in my right ear lobe. (one down two to go)
2. right tragis piercing.
3. right ear Helix (the cartilage at the top of your ear)
4. toung (im ether gonna get a single piercing or im gonna get venoms, thats a piercing on each side of your toung)
5. Hips (getting left and right done tomorow, wish me luck.hopfully they wont reject or grow out)
6. both nipples.

cant wait.

Tomorow me and one of my Bfs rae are going into town and im going to get my hips pierced. i cant wait. im a lil worried though because my parents dont im doing it. but then again my parents dont see my hips. heck they havent seen my legs in about 3 years exept when weer on holiday. (i shave my legs so i avoyed anyone seeing them) ill stop shaving if i have to go on holiday with my family so they dont find out i so it. but i digress. so tomorow im going to school, then after school im getting a train to meet rae then weer going to the studio.

Frank moment.

So I was playing a gig yesterday the next town over, and as we were setting up our rhythm guitarist was having problems with his amp, I went over to try to fix it while he ran off to do something else. And whilst doing so our bassist turned round and bashed me in the head with the headstock of his bass I fell back a little but still got up ok, we played the show the rest of the band went to a party and I went home. I woke up this morning to find a big cut on my forehead. Don’t have a clue how I didn’t notice it till now.

Made me wonder, how often during the old tours would Frankie wake up

Kinda sad

Now before anyone jumps off with "not another moan about school or family" I’m sad because I’ve realised something. Now I’ve been a fan of my chemical romance since I was about 13. Me and my friends used to go to a games club in second year in high school. And on one of the computers they used to play my chemical romance, fall out boy and panic at the disco videos. I was into FOB first but after I go into my chem. and I fell I love. Not just the music but the people the personas of the black parade and three cheers for sweet revenge. I first got the black parade. Then revenge, then bullets.

My New Guitar

Salute Killjoys. Just making a quick post to show my favourite (and pretty much only) Christmas present. My band has been sounding kinda bad lately so for Christmas our bassist, rhythm guitarist and I got new guitars, don’t know what kinda bass James is getting yet. Kieran got a Squier Tele, it’s awesome. And I got an Epiphone Les Paul standard (In the pic >>>)

I’m really bored so comment and let me know your favourite Christmas present(s)

Acid rain signing off.

Killing Time

[x] Bought condoms. (lots of times)
[ ] Gotten pregnant.
[ ] Failed a class.
[x] Kissed a boy. (only once but more to come)
[x] Kissed a girl. (all the time)
[ ] Used a little paper bag for lunch.
[x] Had a job. (well work experience but close enough)
[x] Slipped on ice. (my friends called while i was on my way home and they were still laughing)
[x] Missed the bus. (in primary school)
[x] Left the house without money. (all the time)
[ ] Bullied someone on the internet.
[x] Sexted. (almost dayley)
[/] Had sex in public.

Killjoy Jacket

ive just finished sending away my entry for the killjoy jacket compatition. i dont think ill win coz its unfinished and ive seen some great designs b4 but i just wanted an oppertunity to sent my design in for someone to see.

heres a link to my photobucket with my killjoy jacket design.

my mission for all you lil killjoys out there is to send me pics of your killjoy jackets, tell your friends about this and get them to send pics. i wanna see all of your ideas.

Acid Rain signign off xx*************************