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My custom killjoy raygun.

My custom killjoy raygun. I jut finished it off today.

Made it all myself. It now has some green detailing on it too. Needs a touch up though xx.

Raygun project. Post 4 More pics.

And my final picture for now is the tip of the barrel, this took a lot of work and planning to get right but it worked out eventually.

Raygun project. Post 3 More pics.

This is it beside a ruler for sale. it's rather large.

Raygun project. Post 2. Picture Time.

Okay killjoys so last time I posted here there were people wanting to see my progress on my Ray gun. Well I brought you a picture. there will be multiple blog posts to show you bits of it as it stands unfinished.

My college project.

So for my final project at college I'm working on some light up killjoy rayguns. I thought people here might show some interest (other than my girlfriend and boyfriend)

The build is going pretty well, the base of the master is layered plastic, some layers smaller than others, these gaps will be filled with car body filler and some sculpting work. I can't wait to finish it off and get pics up here.

PM meif you want any information.

Party Poison Mask.

Hey there Killjoys. Got another Update on the costume front. Hand painted Party Poison Mask. Just recently finished this little piece off myself. Perfect for all those little crash queens wanting to play their favourite joy. I had this old mask lying around for a while. Got it off a drac out in zone 3. God knows why he kept it. Then recently I had some time out of the shop so I decided to jump out back and get working on some new stock modelled around some old classics. I'm sure you all remember this Badass?

Just finished making my bad luck beads :)

Hey there Killjoys. Got a nice wee treat for you all tonight. After few hours of work Jade's Killjoy Supplies is one step closer to bringing you some bad luck breads. Specially designed to deter bad luck from searching for you by always carrying the bad luck with you. I bought the beads last week when on break, then yesterday I get my hands on a shiny fine paint brush and started painting my little heart out. the beads are done with white paint on a black bead. Future joys can expect some shiny beads done in brown and gold but for now we'll have to make do.

Fun Ghoul Costume List

Accurate Fun Ghoul supply list

• Eliphas Levi's Pentagram - (NaNaNa, Sing, Art is the weapon)
After Many Hours research with low resolution images and screen caps from Music videos I managed to sus out that frank is wearing an Eliphas Levi’s Pentacle Necklace for his Fun Ghoul Persona These are fairly common pendants and can be sourced in spiritual shops such as Enigma and Eurasia craft. But your best option to find an accurate pendant is to look online as different shops may vary

• Kaki Military Vest - (NaNaNa, Sing,

Fun Ghoul Costume List Anybody?

Hey guys I'm currently working on a Fun Ghoul Costume for my City's comic con event next year. I've compiled a list of supplies for the most exact items out there. Would any of you be interested in me posting it here? I'm also going to start working on a party poison list as well for female* cosplayers.

Let me know if you guys want the lists posted

*When I say female I mean Genetically it's not necessarily relevant to trans women.

Great fun in LA

I'm currently a few days into my holiday in LA. I'm loving it, it's so bright and interesting, the house we're staying in is huge. I just don't get how the locals can stand the heat. I come from Scotland and even in the summer it's pretty cold so I'm not at all used to this. It's my first time in the states and first time in a hot country since I was younger. the unfortunateness of this is my sense of dress has gotten darker and tighter since then so I'm kinda struggling for clothes to wear.