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Party Poison for halloween! <3

yay! i love dressing up for halloween! best halloween ever!!!!

Party Poison for halloween! <3

the second one was my homeroom teacher ^-^ lol funn day! :D i also made the MOUSECAT mask! :D

Baby iero xD

ssooooo still in shock butt ahh soo happy <3 congrats 2 the new baby and the happy family :D best wishes frum all of us killjoys <3 -Desert Neon-Angel (devanee xD)

I love them again

Ahhh my gosh I miss my chemical romance soo much they r a drug, I got addicted 2 them... Again lol I love them sooo much

havent heard of them

ahh my god its been a while since ive listened to my chem <3 well not that long at least a month i havent listend 2 them but im comming back <3 ive been caught up with black veil brides -.-


heeyy myy killjoyy buddiiees imm backk ^-^ hahaha i miss thiss placee >.<

lives of the fabulous killjoys

Chapter two

Later on that day all of us girls went out to just relax and it was also Friday. It was around 5pm. We just had our guns and we pasted a Drac poster on the wall. There was usually a bulletin that had WANTED signs on it and there were all of us except for me… until today.
“HEYY look its Devanee well only your description haha those suckers couldn’t get you on camera haha” Kimberly said. The poster read:

• Curly hair
• Brown eyes
• Neon colors
• Black sweater, American flag shorts and black boots
• Around 5 ft 2 inch
• Killed 2 Dracs
• Has a gunshot wound on the right arm

Lives of the fabulous killjoys

Devanee: Desert Neon-Angel
Ray: Jet Star
Kimberly: Bitter killer
Frank: Fun Ghoul
Jasmine: Silver bruiser
Mikey: Kobra Kid
Norma: Crash cola
Gerard: Party Poison
Erika: Radio Electric

Chapter one

It was me, my sister Kimberly, our brother Ray, his friend Frank, frank’s sister Erika, then mikey, mikey’s sister Norma, Norma and mikey’s elder brother Gerard, and Jasmine.
Jasmine was new to our little killjoy clan. We had found jasmine during one of our Drac battles. She had lost her killjoy family and she was the only one left so we took her in.
It was 5 in the morning and it was

helena music video- project

this is a project that me and my friend had made up and its all pictures that are put together i know its only like part of the song but i hope you like it XD we r in 8th grade and i had lots of fun making the video and finally watching it hope you like it too

Class project: Helena cut outs (kind of like south park)

hey every one well this is what im doing for my film class i am making cutouts of the music video helena and imma make gerard talk, ray mikey and frank move with there guitar and helena walk once more lol. i am loving this project XD my teacher thinks mine will be awesome and my characters look life like im soo proud with my work XD and i DREW every thing XD