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Me, Myself and Irene

Re-watching it. Only about 15 minutes in, but it's brilliant.
"What's this motherfuckin' electron doin' here?"
"The name's Hank, fuckface."
Plus, the music's pretty good - good 'going crazy' music. And Jim Carey's in it, and he's funny :D
Bobberson x

The Frozen North Chapter 10

A.N. There's been a couple of chapters where not much happens, and this is kind of one, imo. But I promise I'll put more exciting stuff in it :) Just gotta set some stuff up, shit's building. Also, to iDoN'tEvEnKnOw, read closely :3

Chapter 10

“Ok, calm down now,” King warned as we set off along the road. The first few buildings were clearly empty, the the first inhabited ones were getting nearer and nearer. “We need them to trust us. Until we get ourselves sorted, we're not Killjoys, we're just travellers. They're not gonna take us in if they think we're trouble.”
“We're better trouble

I Got Money Bitchezzz

For once, I have money! Stupid amounts of it! Admittedly, I'm supposed to be saving for Ski Trip in February (gotta find my EHIC, my mum's gonna kill me when she realises I've lost it) and Florida in July (yeeeaaahhhh, American amigos, I'm comin' over! Gonna go through customs in a Che Guevara T-shirt and hat with a cuban flag draped round my shoulders and a hammer and sickle on my bag because I can >:D) but I HAVE MONEY :D I wanna go into town tomorrow and buy myself summat. Probably a t-shirt or a load of CDs.

Addictive Personality

I am fully aware that self-diagnosis is pretty much always wrong. I am also aware that I am a bit of a hypochondriac and I'm looking for something to blame for being me. Some people say I'm ADHD because of my bursts of hyperactivity and lack of concentration, some say schizophrenic for various reasons I don't quite comprehend, other than that I occasionally convince myself that the people on the news are talking to me, and some say bipolar because I tend to have very violent mood swings for no apparent reason every now and then.

Stupid Teeth

I have had enough of dentists fucking about with my teeth. I put up with it when I had three teeth taken out because one had grown in a weird shape and the other two were for 'symmetry'. I put up with the two years of braces and not being able to eat for a week from the pain each time they tightened the wires. I put up with them filing down my canines so it doesn't look like I have fangs because I only have the middle two incisors on the top. I put up with them sticking a metal wire to the back of my top front teeth, which will be there forever.

My Killjoy :D

Yes, I have chosen Disco Dynamite (the version in my fanfic does take elements of my personality, I think, but this is Disco 2.0)

Killjoy Profile
name: Disco Dynamite (yes, the one from my fanfic, although this is slightly different)
age: 16
appearance: very tall and very skinny, almost stretched-looking. Short, messy white hair, dark grey eyes and pale skin. Sometimes paints her face, usually a red stripe on each cheek or a skull face.
clothes: bright red skinny jeans and neon blue converse.

Not To Boast Or Anything, But . . .

As of today, I'm 16! I am exactly ten years older physically than I am mentally :D
Aside from the maths exam - which I think I might have done alright at, considering it was me who took the test (I have never passed a maths test) - it's been a reasonably good day.
So far (my dad's not arrived yet) I've gotten two CDs - The Best In Town by The Blackout, and The Cure's Greatest Hits - and an audio book of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, a new pair of jeans, a top with a cartoon history of The Cribs on it, £100 from various sources, Tiny Acts of Rebellion by Rich Fulcher (Bob Fossil in

Moar Maths

I have decided it will benefit my revision if I spend my time blogging about maths. There's no specific area of it being covered here, just whatever I feel I need to type out. If this helps any of you, then yay :D if not, just ignore it.
Very simple, once you get your head around it. In case you don't know, this is for right-angled triangles and the hypotenuse (or hippopotamus if you can't say it properly) it the longest line, the one opposite the right angle.
"The square of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares of the remaining two sides."
So all you need to do to

The Frozen North Chapter 9

A.N. Another one! Also, further chapters may be posted slowly for a while 'cause it's my birthday tomorrow, and I've got a lot of exams this week and the next, which I have to pretend to be revising for. Enjoy :D

Chapter 9

We got out of the house, having removed all signs that we'd been there, and headed towards what Desert said was north, away from our ghost town.

Re-posting the same pic as before

Because it didn't work the first time. I tried removing it and then adding it again but that didn't work, so I'm just posting it again :) They look kind of like women, because it's that or weird aliens until I've mastered drawing guys (I did a picture of Gerard that I had to abandon because it went so wrong it could have been very easily misconstrued as an insult), and Gerard's nose is a little bit off, but I'm still pretty pleased with it. My human face-drawing has gotten a lot better since I started obsessively drawing MCR.