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Wu Tang Name Generator

It's not exactly new, but it's fun :D
Me: E-ratic Dominator
M: Sarkastic Wizard
Gerard Way: Fearless Magician
Frank Iero: Pesty Destroyer
Mikey Way: Fearless Pupil
Ray Toro: Dynamic Dreamer
Sean Smith: Tha Madman
Barack Obama: Annoyin' Swami
Dalai Lama: Midnight Prophet
Matt Bellamy: Midnight Wizard
Harry Potter: Insane Magician
Tom Riddle: Dynamic Hunter

I like the ones at the start better :D They sound kind of like Killjoy names as well.
Dominator x

My Boutique

I save my girliness for when I'm online, and one of the sites I go on to get rid of it is I can't claim to be any particular good (or I'd be pro by now, but the consumers don't seem to want fashionable clothes at cheap prices, they want random trinkets for a billion gcents).
Anyway, my boutique - I go by Aseiko on there - is having a Black Parade theme and I just thought I'd share it. It's nowhere near finished right now, but I've got a load of other clothes, MCR and not, in my fashions collection. Here's the link thing;

Mi espanol :D

There's only two people in my class - my friend J and me. Our normal teacher gets this spanish woman to come in once a week to talk to us and improve our speaking skills. She's been trying to work on our preterite and imperfect (I don't even know what they are, other than they're in the past), and she asked us to tell her about the best day ever. J went on about winning the lottery and going on holiday. I was just like,
"My favourite band came to my house. It was awesome." I refuse to conform and give her the long, flowing preterite sentences that she's asking for.

I actually have turned into Bella Swan

The worst has come to pass. I knew it was happening and tried to hide it, but I can't; I am a codependent emotional mess.
This has all developed because M's phone is messed up and blocking my messages (and I know it's not him, he copes about as well without my conversation as I do without his) so I haven't been able to talk to him during the day for going on two days now. It feels like FOREVER.
So today I was just hit with a really bad case of that rib-crushing loneliness you get sometimes.

It Twitched

This one's perhaps not for younger readers :D

'It Twitched' comes from something me and my friends were doing today. We were hiding in the senior fiction section of the library, and started a game I like to think of as 'find the sex'. You pick up a book and look for the sex scenes in it.

Malorie Blackman is an MCR Fan!

I keep forgetting to mention, but I found out she is a fan of My Chemical Romance, Green Day and also Muse, I think. Epic lady.
I also cannot type 'My Chemical Romance' without Gerard's voice saying it in my head like 'MY . . . CHYEMICULL . . . ROMYANCE!" (I did the 'y's for pronunciation).
Bobberson x

I Like Trains *TRAIN*

I was walking home today and some woman stopped me and was like,
"Hey, do you model? What, you don't? OH my god, you so should, go to bla bla bla and submit two head shots and two full lengths, talk to your parents. I could hug you, I'm so happy I stopped you."
Please don't hug me, stranger.
"Has anyone ever told you you should model?"
Yes, a lot.
"Erm . . . sort of. A few times . . ."
"IT'S FATE. Just do it, now, you need to, go on! Thank you so much!"
Ok, crazy lady. Ok. Claiming to work in fashion. Please, that hat did not go with the outfit she was wearing.


Aside from MCR, Mama Umbridge is my only role model. I am a proud woman like her. Just like Mama Umbridge, I can kick yo ass . . . 0_0 I can do her entire monologue from the start of Act 1 Part 6 of A Very Potter Sequel, as can Al and Ninja. Sometimes it's to terrify the boys, sometimes it's because we need to SMASH!
I also absolutely love this song.
If you're one of those rare few people who doesn't know what I'm on about, go onto youtube RIGHT NOW and look for A Very Potter Musical - Team Starkid. Watch that, and then watch A Very Potter Sequel, then Me And My Dick, then Starship.


You know when you've finally gotten over your Writer's Block and stopped procrastinating long enough to write some of that book you're gonna release and get rich for? When you're in a creative spurt? And you know when your mum comes in and starts charging about in her heels and making you go and do stuff like empty the dishwasher (she times it to disrupt me, and I know she does because she is shit at hiding how insanely happy she is at stopping me doing whatever I happen to be doing at the time)? GAAAAH! MOTHER, CAN YOU NOT SEE I AM WRITING?

Good Saturday :D

Yesterday was fun fun fun :D
It was cold, but I didn't feel it, so I went out with no coat on. Got a new high score on Fall Down while waiting for the tram to go.
Went into town and got myself an awesome new hoodie for just £14 (it's bright pink with clouds on it and the inside of the hood has that dogtooth pattern or whatever it's called in yellow and blue). I also saw a top that says 'NOBODY KNOWS I'M A LESBIAN' which I must have, either for myself or for Ninja. Maybe both.