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People Just Set Out To Spoil My Good Moods

I'm fine now, but for the past two days I have woken up in an excellent mood, and twice they have been ruined by the same person.
Yesterday, I went into German and went over to the seat I always sit in, and she'd just taken it and was like 'You don't own me, I can sit wherever I like.' Well yeah, but she knows me and Al always sit there. It does sound childish, but you know what it's like when you have a place you always sit and then someone else takes it? And I have a feeling it's because she's trying to stop us hanging out with Ry, because she's friends with him as well.

The Frozen North characters

I haven't had time to write chapter 12 yet. I did do these, though, on (normally people on gaiaonline - which I play occasionally, I'm Voldeturtle - use it to plan their dream avatars, but I like using it to make characters, it's very fun ^.^). They're pictures of the main characters of my fanfic, The Frozen North, although they're not entirely accurate since I was stuck with what's available there.
The top picture, from left to right, is Eloise, Karin, Erica and Dock (aka Tiger Lily, Moonbeam Baby, Disco Dynamite and Wind-Up Merchant - yeah, I know they're daft names >.<). They're


Now, I am pretty sure I love M. And I'm a pretty tolerant person, I put up with one of my friends who's a popular (most of the ones at my school are alright on their own, and I've known this girl for about five years now) singing Justin Bieber and One Direction songs to me during netball today. She acknowledges that they have a very narrow range of song subjects - 'gurrrllll you so pretty, and I am so pretty, why are we not together, I love you!' or 'gurrrllll you so pretty, and I am so pretty, why did we break up, I love you!' - so it's all good.

The De La Cernas

My new favourite Sims family. The top picture is Eloise, the one after is Rita-Maria.
Rita-Maria De La Cerna (that's her maiden name as well as her married one) is my favourite. She's going to be an artist, although she and Eloise are both Knowledge Aspiration Sims. Both of them are quiet, especially Eloise who spends pretty much all day looking through her telescope on the balcony while Rita-Maria paints.

The Frozen North Chapter 11

A.N. Yeah, I actually wrote another chapter! Wooh!

Chapter 11

After eating, we had no more energy left to do anything but sleep. I barely managed to make it up the stairs, and even then I slept in all my clothes.
We were woken up by the sound of frantic knocking on the door. I started to panic and crawled awkwardly to the door – I'd slept on my arms and they'd gone dead – and peered out onto the landing. Siren tiptoed past as all the other doors opened, and slipped down the stairs with her gun hidden behind her just in case.
“Joanne!” she whispered excitedly after a moment, and there were

Paranoia again :D

Why is it that, in my head
slow replies to texts + round at friend's house for some time = M is having a gay love affair with his friend?
And actually, I'd be fine with it if he was. If it was another girl then I'd be pissed off, because I can satisfy pretty much all girl-related needs. If he's experimenting, though, then there's not much I can do about that, because I can't really pull off the boy look properly, and it'd be unfair to make him suppress that side of himself, because that'd probably mess with his head.
Even though he's actually straight (just quite camp at times).
Also, I now

Ah, My Other Obsession

Being independent and strong-willed as I am, I am quite pleased that it's actually taken me nearly a day before I start panicking because I haven't talked to M.
But I am panicking now.
Even though I'm quite sure he's either lost his phone/run out of charge/run out of credit/got bass lessons/got band practice, I can't help but think
1) What if I've done something wrong and he's doing the silent treatment before breaking up with me?
2) What if his mum or dad or sister or one of his mates has been injured, and he's at the hospital with them?
3) What if he's injured and in hospital?

Sims 2

Maybe it's because it's fun, maybe it's because it's addictive, maybe it's because I have a slight God complex and delusions of grandeur. Maybe it's all of them.
But I'm playing Sims again.
I love all that power. I can decide who lives where, if they live at all, for how long, what they look like, if they have children, what they eat, what their job is, what they do in their free time. I am in control.
I am the Goddess of Reindeerville, Hulmea, Wigglydale and Shakespearianiana.
I am not a benevolent Goddess.

Lord of the Bastard Flies

Lord of the Flies. I am sick of it. I hate that book. Maybe I could have grown to like it one day. Maybe we could've been friends, maybe even have a special favourite-book relationship (on the side of Harry Potter, of course). Maybe. But, alas, that cannot happen. Because, having spent what must now be about eight hours going over chapter one of the book, both in school and at home, in minute detail, I can safely say that
It's worse than Of Mice And Men.


So the first picture is one I did the other day in German (resting on my laurels LIKE A BOSS) and is the first attempt at actual manga-style stuff that I've done in a while. The second one kind of explains what I'm doing here.
I should be revising for my GCSE History paper tomorrow, but I feel like I deserve a break - come on, highlighting loads of random words is really mentally exhausting (if you have the concentration of a goldfish, like I do). I should be looking over Tsarist Russia, the 1917 revolution, Communist Russia, Communist Eastern Europe, Terrorism (IRA, Al Qaeda and the PLO) and