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Ok, I'll stop talking in caps now. The top one is Mizuki, and the bottom one is Keiko. Those light spectrums (which are clearer on the actual image than the scans) are how their powers show up. Mizuki has them around her head because she has mental powers, like telepathy and the ability to control emotions - mild thought control as well.

Guitar Learningz Day 1

I tried learning guitar a few months back. Got bored after two days. Unfortunately for my lazy side, that feeling didn't last - presumably what happens when being able to play I'm Not Okay on Guitar Hero just isn't good enough for you any more.
So I'm working on it. I've only started again today, and I'm going to have next week off it 'cause I'll be in Austria with school - SKI TRIP :D/D: (I can't ski, but I can speak German) - but I'm working on it.

The Frozen North Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Needless to say, I was given detention for my 'temper tantrum', as Mr Crawley called it. About an hour after school, sat by myself writing lines – the line being 'I must stop being a silly little girl and learn to control my temper' – and I could tell how happy that bastard teacher was as he watched me stretching my hand to get rid of the cramp in it.
Siren and King, who were acting as our parents, weren't too pleased about the whole fiasco, but they seemed to understand that I really wasn't in the mood to discuss it when they came home from their new jobs to find me hunched in the

It's Just Kind of Annoying.

Just procrastinating and listening to 'Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass'. 'Cause I'm such a rebel.
Had to unsubscribe from this girl on facebook because I'm sick of seeing her overly-done-up profile pics on my news feed. Seriously, there's make-up, and then there's taking all your clothes off and making your mouth so red and swollen that it looks like someone tried to kick your teeth in. And she does not need to be wearing a push-up bra. Push-up bras are for people like me, who wear them and then have people going, 'Aww, you're so child-like, you should try wearing a push-up bra'. Like WTF.

Bienvidos en el Fiesta Negra

My Spanish work for today. Sir should have known not to let me listen to music >:D But I did sort of do some languages stuff - I wrote 'Welcome To The Black Parade' in spanish, german and japanese (I just sort of scribbled my makeshift version down the left hand side), then did a load of other stuff. The ones that are wrong or have random words missing are the ones I couldn't translate properly.
Then I drew the lovely killjoys themselves, practicing their languages. In case you can't see them or read my writing, Gerard is saying "Mein Gott!

Fuck Maths

Is being unable to do my maths homework even with help a legit reason for getting so angry that I'm sat here crying my eyes out?

Gaaaaah XD

I know I do this constantly (it's a bad habit of mine) but just this once, you can blame my soppiness on Ry and his boyfriend, whom I shall call London. They are just SO CUTE TOGETHER >w< we went to an all-you-can-eat buffet today for Ry's birthday (even though it's tomorrow) - me, M, Ry, Al, P, Ro and London - and they were just so, so, so *squee*. And seriously, London is a looker. All cheekbones and eyelashes, he is, looks like a model.

So I managed to go to M's sleepover last night. There was me, Ro, Al, Ry, P, M (obviously), F, S and M's friend Mel.


Me and my mum were out in a Spanish restaurant, and it's one of the songs they played - cba linking it, youtube 'bamboleo'. It's epic, the restaurant plays spanish versions of ABBA songs XD.
I'm gonna wait till he's asleep and then put make-up on him >:D
Gaah, I am in a GOOD MOOD.
I also made an ipod playlist called 'lol i r gangsta XD' it's got all my favourite hip hop songs on it - needless to say, a lot of Roots Manuva and De La Soul.
But you know what this means
It means I need to paint my nails again. AGAIN.

My mum sang Teenagers to me! :D

I came out of my room before, and she was like,
"guess my favourite My Chemical Romance song, I'll hum it for you." so I was listening, and it took me a while because she did it a bit weird, but then I realised and was like YESSSSSS!!!!
Apparently it's because I've been playing MCR so often and so loud that she can hear it through the walls and the songs get stuck in her head. I'm just pleased she knows how it goes :P Although she did call them emo.

Ahaha, I am so pathetic sometimes XD

Natasha Moustacha the Sombrero Queen/ She sat on a throne and was dark and lean/ Occasionally she would hold up corner shops/ With a gun and a donkey and violent lamb chops.
There are a lot of things that are way too mainstream/ Like cigarettes, gay bars and cars and ice cream.
One night while fixing my reading lamp/ I was nearly strangled by a purple tramp/ His nose was mauve and his eyes were violet/ And he told me he'd once been an airplane pilot.

These lines are the starts of three different songs. They are significant because;
a) I co-wrote the first one and wrote the original draft