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I hate needles D:

And I have to have an injection today. In my mouth. I cried when I found out, which was only about an hour ago, because my mum didn't tell me all day why I wasn't allowed out tonight. Got home, and she's like,
"Oh, you have to go to the dentist today for your filling. sorry." she's not fucking sorry, I could hear her laughing on the phone. She's had to hold me down for a fair few injections, she knows how terrified I am. She owes me. She fucking owes me big.

And I was having such a good day...

My maths GCSE is done - I got an A so I was really pleased all day. My mum said she'd give me some money for the Florida trip, and she went out this evening so I had the house to myself. I was relaxing, watching tv, talking to M on facebook and just generally having a good time. Then, just as I was about to play Welcome To The Black Parade and have a fangirling session she came back home with her boyfriend, so I had to vacate the living room and hide in my room because I don't like being around them. It's a weeknight so I had to go to bed early.

My First Birthday

It's about a year now since I first became a My Chemical Romance fan. I've listened to them almost every day, I've not started to like them less over time, and they are a constant source of inspiration to me.

*Cough Cough*

I am ill. Have been sat in bed all day in the dark, read most of Plague again (it's the fourth in the Gone series by Michael Grant, it's awesome).
Pottermore is finally open, so I've joined. I'm SeerWitch25849, a Slytherin with a black cat and a 13.25 inch alder wand with a unicorn hair core :D
Also gotta watch Holy Musical B@man! in a bit, since it's out now.

Bobberson out! xx


From Crete. It sounds so typical 'poor little rich girl' when I say this, but I hate going on holiday. With my family, at least. To them, holidays mean not relaxing, but walking everywhere possible so that you're more exhausted than during the week. And plus, they seem to think for some reason that I'm so outstandingly stupid that they keep trying to hold my hand when we cross the road when ITS THEM THATS WANDERING INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC FFS.

Anyway, I digress.
Went out bowling yesterday for A's 16th birthday.


I've calmed down now, because there's absolutely nothing I can do about it, but yesterday my mum seriously pissed me off and basically ruined the last day of term for me.
I'd told her in advance that I was going to walk up to M's school and meet him. I'd left it at that, although I said I wouldn't be out all night. From this she somehow decided I'd told her I was going to go and meet M and then come back and cut the grass, which yes, I do need to do, but not urgently. Besides, my nana and granddad, who are the ones who keep the lawn mower, were out so I couldn't get the damn thing anyway.

And now, time for the emotional blog.

I'm having problems with M's family.
Problem one is easily solved, in that I just have to grow up and stop being so selfish and insecure. M's sister came back from uni last night (she goes to Cambridge, which is miles away) while we were talking on facebook, and he went 'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE mysisterisbackmysisterisback!!!' etcetera. Which was cute, but then he just ran off and we only spoke again that evening when we said goodnight.


And this is why I love my Critical Thinking teacher XD
Me and my friends N and A take Critical Thinking, and we're the only three Year 11s in the class (it's an A-level course, and all the others are Year 10s . . . we failed it the first time round) and he knows us best. Anyway, a few weeks back, N and I combatted the teacher's logic and twisted it into saying that all people are llamas. We then proceeded to try and work out how to do llama ears (put your hand on your head and wiggle them).
This week, all the Year 10s are off on work experience, so it was just me, A and N.

He loves me (Yeeeaah Yeaahhh Yeeeaahh)

See me paraphrasing The Beatles there :D I may have to listen to that song now.
Anyway, just a passing note from me, who is bubbling away on happyhappyness. M was round last night, and we were . . . ahem, doing stuff, and he said he loves me ^.^ So I have given up on my dislike of sentimental conversations.

Bobberson xx

Homophobia 2.0

Just as a quick add-on to my last blog. Me and R were sat at school and this guy came up to him and was like
"Are you that one that fucks guys? The gay one? You're the one that gets fucked in the arse, innit. Go straight, bro."
I am amazed at how chilled R was. I was furious, like I WILL CUT YOU, BITCH, I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN IN THE NIGHT AND SKIN YOU ALIVE. And our school has posters up saying they will not tolerate racism or homophobia.
Pfft. Sure.