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Blast from the past

Me gusta mucho 'Good Charlotte' hoy en dia, especialemente 'lifestyles of the rich and famous'. Due to my new musical television habit, I've been coming across a load of stuff I haven't seen in absolutely ages, and that particular track is my favourite song of the moment right now. I've also been running into a lot of sum 41 and various other bands. They're not that old compared to the others, but I've been getting into You Me At Six recently as well, despite the singer's tendency to waver into an American accent every now and then.

Had a bit of a fangirl moment.

MTV Rocks/Kerrang!/Scuzz TV are my new addiction at the moment, and I've been watching 'You Me At Six's Party Animals 50' precisely because MCR had to feature on it somewhere - why wouldn't they be? But then, I heard like half a second of Ray's voice at the start of 'I'm Not Okay' and threw myself across the kitchen to get to the TV. I've got enough injuries as it is without cracking my head open in a moment of madness (I'd like to know when I'm going to have a moment of sanity).

Why am I going to an opera?

My mum booked us tickets for Madame Butterfly, despite the fact that she knows I don't want to go. I don't speak Italian or opera, and I wanted to practice my (very limited) guitar skillzz. But no.

Stupid Meanface

Not to stereotype boys or anything (I absolutely despise stereotypes, being - if I do say so myself - a highly intelligent blonde atheist with a strong moral code) but there seems to be a lot of them that call everything rubbish. I don't know whether it's because they're all suffering from cynicism like Stan Marsh, or whether they do it because they think they're funny.
There's a guy at school, usually one of my friends (apart from like ten minutes yesterday when he hit me in the face with my bag), and he was looking through my 'favourite songs' list in my planner.

Need new music.

A few weeks back, I decided to do something crazy and wild, and actually tried listening to some of the music my friends told me to listen to (aside from Kill Hannah, I simply refuse to listen to them because one of my best friends loves them and I used to hate them, so I refuse to run the risk of liking them now :D). That turned out pretty well, but I'm after more new bands to listen to. Does anybody have any ideas please?

I am living in a shojo manga.

I want to first explain that, for me, having multiple crushes is not unusual. In one way, I'm quite picky over who I like, but considering that the guys I hang out with generally fit the description of what I like in a guy, it makes me seem olot less fussy than I am.

Why so low, mo?

Yeah, I know I said I'd stop posting things, but I'm in a talkative mood. And I also can't sleep, so I might as well do something more constructive than talking to myself.
I've been looking through some of the blogs on here, and it seems like there's quite a lot of people on here feeling really down at the moment. Is it the winter? Is it the government putting stuff in the water supply? Is it cause there's shit happening? I won't even pretend to know.
All I do know is that you've brought me down, too.

I should probably be in bed right now.

Yeah, I wouldn't be asleep, because it's been a long time since I fell asleep before about one in the morning, but I have school tomorrow and I'm stupid enough in the mornings when I've had thirteen hours sleep instead of six. But I can't. I'm sorry, Charlie Murphy, I was having too much fun.
What I mean by that is . . . I've been in a giggly mood all day because, as a result of a conversation with one of my friends last night, I photoshopped human feet onto a piglet. It's my profile picture thingy :)
And my mum made a meal that has loads of lemon juice in and fruit makes me hyper.

Mai Pictures . . . Let Me Show U Dem (part 2)

So these are the other three of my pictures.
The first, of course, is Mother War. I had to get over my fear of gas masks (which was begun by that episode of Doctor Who with the gas mask zombies in - The Empty Child, it's called. I still can't watch it) to draw this.
The second is my least favourite of my pictures. I wanted to do something a bit different than my usual 'draw-one-person-standing-still' thing. Of course all I really did was add two more people and a background, but . . . meh.
The last one is Helena. I was drawing her at school and then decided I needed to do a proper version.

Mai Pictures . . . Let Me Show U Dem

These are the first of my 'successful' attempts at fan art. The 'successful' comes from the fact that before this I've never done any fan art before, so I don't know what I'm doing.