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Glamour of the Kill

Has anyone heard of the band 'Glamour of the Kill'? They're following me on twitter and, even though I know they're just after a follow-back, despite having like over 20,000 followers already, I was wondering if anyone had heard of them.


And yes, I did shout that. I also can't shut up so there goes my 'not posting anything else today' thing. I am just so very very very very happy right now. It goes against my principles as a feminist to need men for happiness, or to be so dependent on affection, but I don't care. I also don't care that I told myself i wouldn't go falling for people again, but if he can make me feel so happy then I couldn't give a flying fuck about my resolve. I feel like I'm having a very good heart attack, or an asthma attack or something, even though I'm not asthmatic.

I can actually feel the ventricles in my heart snapping.

HE FUCKING DID IT A-FUCKING-GAIN! HE DID IT AGAIN HE LEFT AN X AND I KNOW IT WASN'T BY ACCIDENT AAAAAAAAAA. He also said I'm very interesting (more interesting than revision) and that I make win comments. I am so very very happy right now that I will not be able to sleep, and tomorrow I will be a happy moron. And then I will talk to him again tomorrow night and I will just be happy and heartcrushingly lonely in alternate, rapid and unpredictable moodswings.
Goddamnit, I've gone and fallen for someone again, haven't I.
M, if you ever read this, I don't literally intend to trap you in a sex

I don't care if I'm posting a lot!

He just he just AAARGH HE AARGH

ahem. Look at the picture (the scribbled out one is M)
As you may or may not have surmised, I am pretty fucking happy right now.
He's never done that before and you people who are going to say 'He's just being nice' YOU STFU AND GET IN A BOX OR SOMETHING.

Why I've never had a boyfriend and probably never will.

I'm talking to M about cross-dressing and how nobody's going to make me do anything I don't want to do when I eventually get round to getting drunk, yet I will wait till he's smashed and then coerce him into a dress.
I'm not good at chatting people up. I tend to go for the 'scare them into the corner then tie them up' technique. Although that's never worked either . . .

I hate Sundays

There's nothing to do. I can't stay up too late because I've got school tomorrow - even though I know I'm not gonna sleep till about half one. It's cold and it's dark, and I want to go outside, to the park or something, but my area's dangerous. There's been break-ins, and last year there was a rapist on the loose. Plus, as R said last night, I look quite vulnerable.
It'd be good if I could just have my own house or live with my friends instead of here.

Had a very very good evening.

The cinema trip did actually happen, moments after my last post. Legged it back out into town and, lo and behold, R was there at our usual meeting place. Looking quite attractive as usual. We were talking, and then one of my other mates, F, turned up and we chatted to him as well. Then M and Ry turned up eventually, so we set off for the cinema. We watched Breaking Dawn (essentially telling girls that sex is the best thing we will ever have, but we will also die horribly after it while giving birth to the world's freakiest baby) and Ry spent the whole time having a secret fight with me.

Don't let me out in public.

Was supposed to be going to the cinema today, but that didn't work out. One of the guys I like (I will re-letter him now as M) was trying to organise a trip to see Immortals in town and I, of course, was well up for it. For a while it seemed like - shock, horror - it'd be just us there. But then nobody was answering messages, so I just did a bit of Christmas shopping.
Went into Watertones to buy some books for my mum and my sister.

My Book

I'm writing a book. It's still in the first draft stages, but I'm kind of lacking inspiration and felt like seeing what people thought of what I've done so far. Bearing in mind, the following extract is the rough, covered-in-dirt-and-roots, not-been-washed version. The names in this are kind of daft, but that's because, for now, I'm just using the first names that pop into my head. It is kind of gruesome. Also, please no stealing.

‘… and that’s essentially why you sweat so much, and why -’ Mr Henries broke off abruptly as the noises the rest of us were all now well aware of broke through

I have mean friends

We wore our own clothes to school today, but we had to wear spots cause it's Children in Need day. I did my nails spotty (they're quite cool if I do say so myself, sparkly red with little dark blue dots) but Al said she'd let me wear one of her Killjoy bandanas. She brought both in and then refused to let me wear them. Well mleaahh. She wore them to play badminton in though (and her p.e. kit, too, she wasn't nekkid) and was pretending to be some strange amalgamation of Gerard and Ray, so I was a blonde female Frikey in disguise as a teenager.