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Annoying reviewers

I write fanfictions on (I'm LittleGryffindorGirl if you wanna look me up, I don't do slash or romance really though, I just 'kill' people) and every now and then, people will leave a review.
Now, of course I like it when people leave me nice reviews (who wouldn't? I love praise) and I don't mind people leaving constructive criticism. I would be offended, but that's just my ego. There is a responsible part of my mind that accepts I can't be absolutely perfect at things and I do need advice on how to improve my writing, so I don't get huffy about it (that much . . .).

I have just been slapped in the face by an awesome thing.

metaphorically speaking, of course. Nobody's actually slapped me (or I'd slap them back, and I can hit hard). No, I was just talking to M and he sent me a link to this video. I will now spend the weekend humming 'skeleton man' to myself.
In another random note, it seems like the tribe is gathering for dinner tomorrow evening. That should get interesting. Last time, one of my uncles got smashed and ran off to one of the neighbours' garages.
Bobberson x :)


I don't think I've ever talked to someone and missed them at the same time before M. Yeah, I haven't seen him in about two weeks and I'm still pissed off about the not being able to go out tonight thing, but I just feel so lonely. I was talking to him for two hours before tea, and I wanted to be back talking to him the moment I got downstairs. I'm cold, I'm tired, I've got a sore throat and all I want right now is a hug.
I'm sorry to keep rambling on about him all the time, but he confuses me.

Various ramblings

One of my less close friends likes to occasionally pretend everyone's his bitch, so he'll come up to you and pretend to feel you up. He did it the other day and I was like 'no, not in the mood' and he called me a killjoy :D

Also, 'cause I'm on the prom committee (actually most of my friends are as well, we make up the entire thing) I will insist on having at least one MCR song played at prom - probably Planetary (GO!) because I love having a good dance to it, and I think even the Beliebers and the 'aaaargh not rock music!' crowd will like it. I want Teenagers to get played as well.

Can't Go.

So I told my mum about the whole 'M's having some people round, I wondered if I could go' thing and she said no. No because I'm not allowed out this Friday and Saturday (despite the fact I was going to stay over) and because she seems to think I'm so loose that, despite having only kissed someone once for a dare - and that wasn't even a proper kiss, it was more I sat there terrified with my eyes shut and he put his face on my face, and she doesn't even know about that - the moment I'm left alone with straight guys I will have sex with every single one of them.

One hullava pitch

So I want to go over to M's house tomorrow night. There's going to be some of my other friends there (they are all boys that are going, as far as I know) so nothing's going to happen - I wouldn't let anything happen if we were alone, since he's not even asked me out yet and I'm not in the mood at the moment (and I'm not that much of a slut that I'll go losing everything the moment I'm around a guy I find attractive). The thing is, there will be beer and stuff, although I don't actually drink that much, and the only female friend that I thought might be going can't go.


and fuck you, space bar >:|

I do not like this at all.

I am quite an independent person and, although I do like having a crush, because at least it's something to occupy my time, when it gets to the point where I spend my time thinking about them instead of my GCSE revision and get excited whenever they reply to me on facebook, I feel trapped. I feel lonely like this, and I'm sick of it. Can't crushes just not happen unless the other person is going to like you back?

I just managed to hit myself in the face . . .

So that's twice today I've been hit on the nose. The other one was when I missed the shuttlecock in the middle of a badminton rally and it got served onto the bridge of my nose.
*Joe Moses Snape voice*
Ihnnunnununnnu . . .
I hammumilluma . . .
I have a dilemma.
I picked M, right? There was M and R and, although I do still like R, I like M more. Stupidly more. But the thing is, today we were talking a lot because his ex (he doesn't like being around her cause she was pretty mean to him) was on an art trip, so he was back with us in our usual main hanging out place.

This is getting out of hand.

A week ago, I thought 'you know what, I like M'. Now, I spend all day waiting for the moment I can get home and he comes online so I can talk to him. I can't concentrate on my work because I'm thinking about him, and I couldn't care less that I'm not concentrating. I spent all today feeling like I was about to throw up, but in a really good way (if that's possible) and being unable to keep still - more so than usual, and I'm a fidgeter.