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No more spinsterhood for me

I'm not sure, since we moved off the topic pretty quickly (M thinks I might be accidentally high cause we were in town earlier and I was alternating between sleepyness and uncontrollable laughing, and my pupils were all dilated apparently) but
I may have asked him out
And he may have said yes
Bobberson x

I'm having my principles tested.

On principle, being fully aware of what happens to people who abuse drugs, I'm against their use - pretty much all of them. But the thing is, weed is everywhere these days. The popular kids at school started smoking it, and it spread until eventually pretty much everyone I know smokes it or has tried it at some point. I worked out recently that even some of my friends - not that many, since we're the don't-go-on-crazy-benders crowd (usually) - but some. They're not addicted, they don't even do it that often. But they do.
I'm not saying I want to try it, cause I'm weird enough without drugs.

Spiralling further and further down

Used paint to knock up a quick representation of me feelings right now. Even though he's got my phone number, if I stay away from facebook by doing this, he'll carry on pretending I don't exist.
I suppose by now I should be used to being unwanted. People find it weird when I touch them, I've been conditioned into not asking for or giving out hugs because people don't like them off me. I've become as cold and unapproachable as my dad says I am. But why would anyone care? Nobody wants to know. All anyone wants to hear from me is the answers to their homework.

It's all just pointless lies.

So apprently M likes me? I'll believe it when I see it. Ry said next time we were in town M and said he was going to ask me out. We were in town today, nobody else was around to laugh at him or make things awkward, he had all the time in the world. Didn't even hug me when I had to go, just walked off. Yet again, after involuntarily getting my hopes up, someone comes along and shoots them down with anti-aircraft weaponry.
Also, saw a poster in Affleck's that I got for Al. Was flicking through posters and then was like 'shit, is that Ray?

The Tram Racist

I'm assuming some of you, especially the other Brits on here, will have seen the youtube video that sparked the #mytramexperience trend on Twitter. I was reading the Guardian online just now, followed the link to the video and . . .
I was almost physically sickened. Absolutely disgusted. I feel appalled that someone like her can claim to be 'British' and 'English' when she clearly doesn't know the meaning. British culture nowadays is based on the fact that we are a mixture of hundreds of other nationalities, and we should be proud of that and celebrate that.

It Appears That I Am Part Cat

This has only become apparent recently, but apparently I show many catlike tendencies - even without my sushi craving growing so strong that in Food Tech the other day I sliced up some of my salmon so I could pretend I had sushi (and ate it. It was damn good, too). I lounge around, preferably in warm places, I tend to be quite nocturnal, I like lying on people, and I like being scratched lightly behind the ears or stroked under my chin or on my head. I do an instinctive cat face when people do that. Apparently, people also seem to see me as a cat as well.

Without A Face

HEY. HEY. YOU GUYS. Have you heard of him? My friend H has been a fan of his for years, and she introduced me to his music recently. He is epic. There are funny songs (mostly) and some serious-sounding ones. I've picked the TSA Song to link, since it's my favourite, but if you go on the waftv youtube channel it's got most of the videos for his songs. Pigs is a good one for not-messing-about lyrics (I think, although that's partly cause I can't tell what he's saying in it XD).


I'm kind of obsessed with the song 'Lullaby' by The Cure at the moment, and I threw this picture together to use as my desktop background :)
Bobberson x

I have a semi-sentient iTouch

I'm aware (in some part of my brain) that it's probably just operating off my most played songs, but I feel like my iTouch has learnt of my love of MCR, because it's just played me five of their songs in the last ten minutes, three of them consecutively. That also scares me a little bit, because what if it starts combining different songs into its own little playlists to send me subliminal messages? THE ROBOTS ARE COMING!

Also, I'm (unsuccessfully) trying to stay off the computer for a bit by teaching myself some basic Japanese again.

I'm feeling just the slightest bit hyper now

M offered a chance to meet up with him on Wednesday. Even if he wasn't there, that would be epic, 'cause there's the Christmas market, the lights and the ice skating (patinaje sobre hielo FTW :D).
So I'm pretty pleased about that. I'm also having kind of a pretty day . . . or a vain day . . . one of my days where I look in the mirror for a bit and go 'who's that sexy beast? If I was a lesbian and not me, I would so go out with me'. And I've had quite a lot of ice cream and coke (the drink, I mean) and I've got MCR on loud and it's nearly Christmas and it's night time and aaaaaaaaa!!
I am