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But since I'm at my dad's house, where everything (and I mean everything) is out-of-date, I'm left with sliced bread. My fault for waking up at quarter to three in the afternoon, I suppose. Fourteen hours sleep really works up an appetite.
I'm also trying to explain the greatness of MCR to M. Aside from Ro, all the guys I know hate them, which is unfortunate :( I tend to keep the fangirling to a minimum 'cause it's not as fun when the people around you don't go 'OMG YEAH I KNOW, MCR :DDD' and such.

Changed my mind

I only ever want to be a good big sister when I've been away from my 'siblings' for long enough to forget why I can't stand being around them. One's either stone deaf or so up himself he just refuses to listen to anyone. One just follows me around constantly, asking the same questions like 'how old do you have to be to go on Facebook?' and you can tell she's not listening because I've given her a different answer all eight times she's asked me, and she's never called me out on it. The youngest one, he's just annoying because he's there.
Never ever let me near children.

Had an excellent day.

In case you didn't notice, I was being sarcastic.
I decided to go out in town to do some more Christmas shopping. Texted Al to see if she wanted to join me. No answer. But, despite the fact that it was freezing cold and raining all over me 'cause all my umbrellas keep breaking, I wasn't having a bad day at that point.
The badness started when I tried to get back to my dad's house. I don't know my way round the area where he lives, but I know which buses he'd said would get me back to his. So I waited in the cold for about half an hour for the bus that would get me closest.

What's the most famous MCR song?

A question raised by my sister, whom I shall nickname Little Bugger. What is My Chemical Romance's most famous song? I actually can't think of a clear answer - I think possibly 'I'm Not Okay', but 'Teenagers', 'Welcome To The Black Parade' and 'Na Na Na...' are probably up there as well. Whaddya think?

Also, I just remembered something - A while back, Key 103 radio station came to my school to do a careers workshop and we got to do podcasts about 'tips for picking your career'. We got to pick a band or artist to talk over, and we got to say shout outs at the end - so I have done a podcast

Turning my sister into an MCR fan >:D

She's 8 and still impressionable, and, from what I hear, worships the ground I walk on. Luckily, she's already predisposed to like rock music because her mum was an 'indie chick' apparently, and my dad was a goth. The bands I already know she likes are Arctic Monkeys, Muse and Gorillaz, and apparently she's listening to the Pixies at the moment. I know she likes Danger Days cause she loved it when I played her the album >:)
I'm spending a few days round at my dad's, so through the power of youtube I will be showing her the magic that is all their other albums.


This is only a random thing I just wanted to say, so that's why the random title.
He kissed me on the cheek <3 sent me into a daze for half an hour. I'm still a little shocked by it. Tomorrow is Film Education 101 (he hasn't seen Life of Brian :O) so he's coming round to mine. My mum was like, 'no sex or anything' cause she's going to be out. Heehee, like that'd happen. We've been going out for two weeks, and as much as I am only human, I'm not giving it up that easily.

Wanna read a story?

It's a bit from one of my stories I'm working on - not the zombie one I posted some of in an older post, this is a different one. This is my feeble attempt at romance.

Even as I tried to ignore it, I knew I was doing it again. Searching for Ade. I supposed that in this situation, at a party full of a load of people I didn't know, it was justifiable, but I really needed to get a hold on this curiosity thing. I'd read that it was perfectly normal to have a crush on people the same sex as you during puberty, but this didn't feel right.


It's alright for me to fangirl over my boyfriend, right? I mean
I nearly died. I already developed this thing about his arms and now I find out that those arms can play HYSTERIA?!
When his band gets big (I don't even know what it's called, he's in a confusing situation band-wise, although I know that he either is or was at one point the bassist in a band called Dirty Jack, whom I have seen :) There's another band he might be joining though,

If you don't like moaning, look away now.

Because I need to moan somewhere, and I'll only piss my friends off if I keep talking about M like they don't know him like I do. So fuck that, I'm moaning here.
My problem is this; as far as I'm aware, I'm a largely indifferent person. I don't cry at films, I feel no real bond of any kind with my family and friends and I don't trust them because, precisely for that reason, I am unable to understand how they could feel any attachment to me. My best friend between the ages of five and eleven? I live quite literally a stone's throw from her and I haven't spoken to her in years.

I have created MCR converts :D

Maybe it's just cause she still worships the ground I walk on (apparently) but I've made my sister into an MCR fan. My 8 year old sister. A couple of months ago, my dad told me to bring some CDs round cause my brother and sister wanted more music for their mp3 players. Of course, I thought this the perfect opportunity to introduce them to My Chemical Romance. Imagine my delight when, as I played her some of each song, my sister kept going 'I like this, I like it a lot!' Finally! A redeeming feature!
Now, my dad told me she'd been asking him why he didn't like My Chemical Romance, and she's