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My Chemical Academy

The idea took hold in my mind, so I drew a logo :D
There's a lot of black and red, but that's 'cause . . . well, there's a lot of black and red in the world of MCR. The grey stuff, though, that's supposed to be silver, but I don't have silver.
The spider, obviously, is for Killjoys and the Danger Days album. The red splatter at the top behind it is for Three cheers for Sweet Revenge.

Rambling about stuff

The only non-sugar food/drink I've had today is some strawberries for breakfast and a glass of orange juice. It's my mum's fault for making me make cakes.

But I was just thinking - imagine if there was an MCR academy or something, like an international one. Adult fans teach the classes - which would be MCR-themed - and all of us young'uns take the lessons :D
Maths - How many cheers are there for sweet revenge? If you get all of MCR's pets and pick one at random, what is the probability that it will belong to Frank?
History - in-depth studies of 9/11, and the band during the recording and

Hello Panda Chocolates=Win

Because I'm allowed to eat the biscuits I was going to give to M, right? They're naaaiiiiiice. Actually, I have previous when it comes to eating the presents I've bought for people, I tend to 'forget' until enough time has passed that I can eat them myself.

I got the Kerrang issue with the MCR wrapping paper in. I don't know what I'm going to do with it - I'm not wrapping anyone else's presents with it, they don't deserve it 0_0 I wonder if I can get it blown up and used as wallpaper?

Happy Christmas guys 'n' gals :D

It's not my best work - it's the work you get if you let me stay up till two in the morning and don't make me spend that time revising (unless I'm going to drop maths for a GCSE in photoshopping stuff) - but I was feeling a little christmassy, so there you go :D
Bobberson x
(I'm not actually sure what picture's come up here, it keeps showing a different one to the one I've made :/)


So I came back from an evening out, turned on the television and they've just started playing I'm Not Okay in 'My Chemical Romance: Evolution'. It is amazing. They've played I'm Not Okay, Helena, Welcome To The Black Parade, Famous Last Words, I Don't Love You, Teenagers, Na Na Na, Sing, and now they're playing Planetary (GO!). Amazing and wonderful.
My mum came in as well, so I was discussing them with her.


I've calmed down after last night's dramatics. I feel a little mean for dumping him so close to Christmas, and I suppose I could've left it a little longer, but if I'm fine about it now, and I hardly thought about him all day, then clearly I didn't need him that much, right? The only problem is that I don't think we're at the talking stage yet.

I fucked up, didn't I.

You know when you think stuff over for ages? I thought this stupid motherfucking break up over for ages, or as long as I can think about things. Two solid hours, plus the vague thoughts all this evening when I was sat next to him in Waterstones and I looked at him and there was nothing.
Well, I thought it over. I discussed it with him. There were times when I could've gone back on it, I could've said 'fuck this, I'll stay with you'.
I think I may finally know the meaning of self loathing.

"Fun While It Lasted"

It's over. Went easier than I thought. He was pretty much ok with it, as far as I can tell. For some reason he said sorry about not being my type. I feel bad about having to do that to him, cause I know what liking people that don't like you back feels like, and I imagine I'd be pretty pissed off if someone dumped me after four weeks. But I feel relieved, I think. I dunno. Tbh, aside from the nerves about dumping him without being cruel, I don't feel anything. Weirdly, I was kneading a packet of marzipan at the time.
Bobberson x

I can't handle being in a relationship

When me and M started off, I was happy. Not only had I finally got a boyfriend, there was the whole 'whoo I like him and he likes me!' thing, which is always good (I assume, this is the only time anyone's ever liked me).
But then, and this started after about two weeks, I started feeling . . . well, unenthusiastic. I don't think it was just settling down, it was more kind of 'meh, is this still happening?'
And then I started getting really confused. Most of the time I was indifferent to him, I was pleased someone liked me but couldn't care less about him specifically.

So gonna fail my maths

Not least because I left my special science calculator at my dad's so now I can't do the calculator past papers (and I need the calculator for the non-calc past papers - how on earth they expect me to know the square root of five plus the square root of twenty without a calculator, I really don't know). It will be partly because I can't do maths and partly because maths does actually make me cry. It made me cry yesterday, it made me cry today. Why? Because despite the fact that I will never need maths again, I still need to pass it at GCSE to get any kind of job.