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Being an impulsive moron has finally paid off! It's back on with M and all it cost me was getting called a retard! FUCK YEAH!! I haven't grinned this much since I first found out he liked me <3
In other news, it's fucking windy out there. Was in Spinningfields exchanging a top for some boots in Allsaints (they are awesome boots, I love them and I didn't have to pay the extra £81 cause my mum put it towards my birthday) and I saw this little girl fall over outside and she couldn't get back up again.
Also, gay ego judge says I should definitely form a Fall Out Boy covers band, despite the fact

The Frozen North Chapter 4

So incredibly bored that I'll give you this so I can waste some time posting it. I'm just going to sit here working myself into an ill, paranoid haze of emotional crisis because that's what I do when I'm bored. Anyone want my enormous Blink 182 poster that I got out of Kerrang?
Chapter 4

Mum had to leave early to work on the greenhouses again the next morning, but that didn't stop her getting me up at the crack of dawn and sending me down three floors so that the McKenzies' daughter Sarah could walk me to school.

It's That Time Of Year Again

That period between Christmas and New Year's when NOTHING happens. I have been inside all day. Nobody's talking to me on Facebook (although, I can't really blame Ry for pretending not to see me pop up, I tried to instigate another of my personal problems conversations. I just dump all of my problems on him for some reason, I dunno why. I feel sorry for him, but I can't stop) and I have nothing to do.

You can decide for me

I want to tell M that I fucked up. I can't stop telling people that I fucked up. I don't want to keep going on about this to you or to Ry, whom I've been using as my personal agony uncle, so I need to sort this out.
I have a strong feeling that M is over me, but I still want to at least explain to him ( by email cause he won't see it unless I tell him to look) . Should I?
Bobberson x

The Frozen North Chapter 3

Not much happens in this one, but in the next chapter there's stuff :D

Chapter 3

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” I heard Mum bellowing before I saw her. We were almost crawling by the time we made it back to town. We'd run the whole way, and my heart was still hammering. The freezing cold air was clawing at my throat as I finally collapsed at Mum's feet. The others crumpled in a heap behind me, whimpering and wheezing. Their parents and all the other adults gathered round us, pulling us to our feet. I could tell by the way they were speaking to each other that we were all in deep, deep shit.

The Frozen North Chapter 2

A.N. Just for the hell of it, I'm doing chapter 2 as well :D

Chapter 2

Even while walking fast, it took me twenty minutes to get to the edge of the ruins. I could hear the others following me, not fast enough to catch up because I'd gotten a head start and was faster than them anyway, but still close enough behind that I could hear them begging Dock to call off his dare and pick something else. He sounded a little less sure of himself as we reached the first destroyed buildings, but I wouldn't have listened to him at that point anyway. It couldn't be that bad, could it?

The Frozen North Chapter 1

A.N. This is a taster. I'm gonna keep writing it even if nobody likes it, but I want to see what you think first :) Some of the facts about the world of Killjoys and BL/ind may be incorrect, but there's a lot of confusing information out there. But anyway, without further ado, here's The Frozen North; Chapter 1.
Chapter 1

Perhaps because they started off elsewhere, we saw Better Living Industries coming for us before they finished with America and decided to head east.

I Shouldn't Be Left On My Own

I always end up depressed. But it has helped me straighten stuff out. I retract my comment about feeling fine about the break-up. I fucked up epicly.I wrote a sort of letter of apology to him, which I will never send unless I get extremely reckless or am about to die or something. All I was going to do was say that he confused me, and that I missed talking to him and I was sorry. But now here I am, practically a whole novel-full of self-pitying later, crying and wondering whether it's ok for me to talk to him on facebook yet. But he doesn't like me anywhere near as much as I like him.

Happy christmas guys!

Happy christmas evereeeboddeeeee!! You know when people write LOTMS? I keep reading it in my head as Lord of the Rings and thinking 'wtf has Tolkein got to do with MCR?'. I read too fast.
This is gonna be more a list for myself, so you don't need to read this. It's just a list, cause I want to make a list :)
Life On The Murder Scene; From Under The Cork Tree; Siren Song of the Counter-Culture;reindeer-patterned Christmas jumper; reindeer-patterned Christmas skirt; 'Aliens Gave My Cat A Beard' T-shirt; fake mustache kit; various shower things; bath robe; Ted Baker foot stuff; Rosario+Vampire

Hairy Christmas

My family know me well. I got a top that says 'Aliens gave my cat a beard', a fake mustache kit (I'm rockin a Hogan mustache today), slipper socks with mustaches on :D I also got this awesome dress from Asos, which I will be wearing to prom, and some leopard print converse, and some christmassy jumpers and skirts and stuff - and manga as well :D My dad got me a top from allsaints, but I already have it so I'm gonna exchange it tomorrow in the sales. He also got me the scott pilgrim DVD, which I already have, so I'm gonna have to exchange that as well.
Bobberson x