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Yesterday evening was . . . meh. I ended up sat in a pub with my family while they got drunk and I had nobody to talk to cause M was in the lake district and there's no phone reception there :/ The vodka and coke I actually managed to finish did temporarily loosen me up, though.
The thing is, I'm not the celebrating type. If there's a party or something and I'm in the mood, I will go absolutely wild and dance all evening. I just don't like when people get drunk, cause they get really annoying. They're always shoving me out of the way and shouting down my ear and pointing out the obvious.

General Excited Rambling

Have I mentioned that when I was in Manchester City Centre the other day, a group of guys around my age went past (mid-teens :P) and ONE WAS WEARING A BLACK PARADE JACKET :D I know I really shouldn't be surprised, since we were near Affleck's, and there's always an abundance of people in band clothes there, but M had to drag me back because I was trying to follow him. If you're the guy with the curly hair and the Black Parade jacket like Ray's, I love you. It always brightens my day, seeing MCR stuff.

Life On The Murder Scene

Watching it now, as I sit here in my Blackout T-Shirt, drinking the last of a bottle of cider (I know it's early, but there was this little bit left over from last night, and it's New Year's Eve, and it takes more than that to get me drunk anyway) and drinking miso soup. It is amazing.
I actually had a choice of what to do for New Year's this year.

The Frozen North Chapter 6

A.N. It's a long one, this one >.< and kind of a rambler, but I needed them to get settled in. There will be more erm . . . running, probably . . . happening soon, though.

Chapter 6

Their 'base', as they called it, was little more than a ghost town on the other side of the woods. We followed from a short distance behind them, and they made no effort to try and talk to us, although they stopped every now and then to check that we were still close by.
It was properly night time by the time we arrived, and they ushered us into a house at the end of the first road.

Dog Ears

The guy's actually called Mat Baynton. He normally acts on my favourite show, Horrible Histories, but he's also musical, and this video is my favourite of his solo stuff. He's also in a band called Special Benny if you want to check them out :D

I'm also working on a collection of songfics which I will post on Harry Potter Fan Fiction on my account LittleGryffindorGirl. They're going to be all in one story, but each chapter is a different short story inspired by a song off Danger Days. The name of the story, therefore, will be 'Danger Days: The True Lives of Dumbledore's Army'.

Also, M is very

I did a picture :D

Guess which one's the photograph and which one's my drawing XD
I'm pretty pleased with it, even though Ray and Mikey didn't turn out right - they never do when I draw them. I had to leave Bob out because I can't draw him without it looking like I'm trying to be mean about him.
Otherwise, I'm pretty pleased with it.
Bobberson x

My Absolute Favourite Song of All Time

I just love it. The dance is so, so . . . I dunno, but I want to learn it. Or wear all the clothes they're wearing. And also, normally Gerard is pretty hot (although I've gotten to that stage where, even if he was offered to me on a plate, I don't think I'd do him now, it'd be weird, like doing it with a family member or something), but in this video he's beautiful. I think maybe it's something about the definition of the video, but he does look inhumanly beautiful - what I have in mind instead of Robert Pattinson covered in glitter when I think of ridiculously good-looking.
Because of this

Interesting Day Out :D

For starters, it was incredibly windy and rainy and cold.
I met M in town and he was with some friends. Apparently they were there looking for . . . some stuff. We hid in Afflecks for a bit - and burned ourselves on the chips, which I have decided would be suitable to use if you had loads of tongue piercings and just wanted to melt them down into a molten covering for it. We also had a late mini-Christmas. He got the remaining box of panda biscuits, I got glittery hairspray :D
Ry came into town - considerably more happy than yesterday night, which I spent cheering him up cause he had one of

I Gotta Get Back To Teldrassil

Yep, I'm a World of Warcraft geek and I'm not ashamed to say it. I haven't played it for nearly a year 'cause I'm currently too skint to pay the subscription fees, but I'm getting steadily more homesick for the forests of Shadowglen where I spent most of my earlier teenage years (Shadowglen is an area inside Teldrassil, which is the huge tree in the second picture).
That first picture there is of my main character for around five years, although it was taken when she was only around level 50 or something like that.

The Frozen North Chapter 5

A.N. Everyone's favourite Killjoys won't arrive for a while yet, but they will be here at some point :D And if anyone wants me to message them whenever I post a new chapter, just let me know and I'll keep a list or something.

Chapter 5

Our town was small, and we knew from years of wandering where the quickest routes to anywhere were, so we made quick progress to the edge.