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I did another picture :D

I actually did it on New Year's Eve while watching Life On The Murder Scene. I have somehow managed to turn them into women yet again (I can't draw guys properly) but I'm still pretty pleased with it. Their eyes are freaking me out a bit though.
Bobberson x


Yeah, you heard me. I'm not sure how it's possible since I can't do practice papers without throwing them across the room and crying, but I have created FUN MATHS. Made myself a mindmap of the basics of all the different mathsy things, stuck it really high up on my wall and put music on so I have to jump on my bed to read it. FUN TAAIIMMMESSS!!
Also, a reciprocal is apparently 'the upside down version of a number'. So if they ask for the reciprocal of 2/3, it's just 3/2. If they ask for the reciprocal of a whole number, like 4, just put a one over it because 4 is technically 4/1 so it becomes

The Frozen North Chapter 8

Yay! Moar chapterzzz! And look, there's more stuff happening in this one as well! Look at all the stuff!

Chapter 8

My first thought was that I felt like shit. There had been previous times when I'd thought that; New Year's, when I'd gotten too drunk at the town party and woken up the next morning with a splitting headache, when I'd come round after being anaesthetised so they could chop off the little toe that had died from frostbite, when I'd had really bad flu that time. But this took the biscuit.
There was the splitting headache, of course, and an incredibly tender patch at the back of

Don't Ever Change Yourself.

See the woman in the picture? Nowadays she'd be considered ugly. She's got red, frizzy hair and she's got some meat on her bones. Back when she was alive, though, she would have been considered a great beauty.
The preferences of the fashion industry change frequently. You don't have to. You shouldn't.
As long as you're eating healthily and exercising - even if it's just walking or going on the Wii and playing Just Dance in the middle of the night when you're hyper - then your shape is the right shape.

Simultaneous Equations for Maths Revision Slackers :D

Because I'm on a break after my possible one hour of drawing pictures that are supposed to help me pass GCSE maths.
In case you struggle with simultaneous equations, here is my rambling nonsensical guide in how to do them.
Step 1) Get two equations and number them 1 and 2
2c + t = 10 (1)
c + 2t = 8 (2)

Step 2) Pick one of the letters (co-efficients if you're a maths bod) and work out how to give them the same value in both equations. I'll use c here.
Multiply (2) by 2, so now your equations are
2c + t = 10
2c + 4t = 16

Step 3) Get rid of your chosen letter.
(2c + 4t = 16) - (2c + t = 10) =

Previous blog continued :D

I did a survey of 20 people (cause I got bored and knew I'd never reach 100). The question was "If I say Na Na Na, what's the first thing that comes into your head?"
These are the answers I recieved:
Fuck off
poo poo stick your head in a doo doo
a song
nanere – na na na nanere means 'in your face' in french
idk y
disconnected (6)
Bananas in Pyjamas
ha ha hey hey hey
your saying no
Then we're like yeah yeah yeah
nyan cat

We are under-represented on Omegle! D:

What Not To Say If You Want a Convo On Omegle

I've been on there all evening, annoying people. This is what I have learnt not to say if I want to talk to people:
1) That I can't talk dirty because I dropped GCSE Geography.
2) "What are you doing with a big chicken?" if they start talking about cocks
3) Reply with 'scaly' to supposedly horny people
4) That I'm a 457-year-old mustache-cat from pigfarts who gave up on gender a long time ago
5) "If you had a favourite animal, would it be a chicken or a duck?"
They also don't like me bursting into song and interspersing conversations with MCR lyrics. There's a lot of stuff they don't like.

Don't let me get bored near make-up

I wonder what my nana's gonna do when I go downstairs for tea and she sees I've drawn scars all over my face? I wonder what she's gonna do when she realises I pull off the 'I sewed my mouth shut' look off quite well?
Bobberson x

The Frozen North Chapter 7

:D I finished another chapter! I'm glad you all like it :) I managed to make some stuff happen as well.
Chapter 7

The 'training' went on for several days, by which time I realised we weren't going to be having target practice or even going outside any time soon. In the mornings, Sunshine taught us about the zones, about how BL/ind recruited their Dracs, and some basic first aid. In the afternoons, Fever talked to us about the Killjoys and his life in America, although he could have been talking about absolutely anything.

Sing It for Japan

It's not over yet. There was another earthquake there today, magnitude 7 apparently.