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iwantcoffee's blog

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Bloggy Type Stuff

I might of said this before but I suck at blogging. Still, I want to get around to posting a new one every day. I've got a few day streak going and I want to keep it up. So yeah see you later killjoys.
-Desert Angel

I Wrote A Song... I Think...

I was sitting in math class being bored as usual and messing around in my notebook. I sorta felt like writing a song so I did. So uhhh here's what I came up with (I did this in like 10 minutes so it's not really good but whatever)

Feel Like Crap

hey killjoys. Things aren't going so well for me in life right now. I feel alone and sad and depressed and it sucks. I'm just trying to find some to cope with my problems in life. IDK how to. help?
-desert angel


So I got on the bus today to go to school and some girl was playing a rap song really loud (I think it was a lil wayne song? idk). This kid turns to me and says "this is the best fucking song ever man" and I'm like "wtf no rap sucks ass" and I got out my ipod started playing Thank You For The Venom and singing and everyone was staring at me like i was insane and it was amazing
killjoy for life.
-Desert Angel


Hey killjoys. So I get on the bus today and some girl was playing some cruddy rap song i think it was lil wayne or something. Anyways some kid turns to me and was like "I fuckin love this song, man" and I'm like "WTF this isn't music it's shit!" So I pulled out my ipod and started playing Thank You For the Venom super loud and singing and everyone was staring at me and it was awesome. But what I'm trying to say is I can't stand rap.

What I Want To Do With My Life

Hi killjoys. So I thought I'd talk about what my dreams/goals in life are. Right now I'm a freshman in High School. Anyways what I'd really love to do is be a drummer (or maybe a guitarist if i could learn guitar) in a band(maybe a christian rock band idk). Pretty much I just want to make music for a living. But I've never told my parents because they want me to do something that will make a lot of money.

To This Day

Hey Killjoys. Found this on Youtube. Just Watch.
-Desert Angel

i need some advice on stuffs

uhhh if any of you don't want to hear me whine about my issues don't read this. idk i just feel like i need some advice.

So there's this girl at my church that i like. We're both huge MCR fans and i really like talking to her. But anyways im super awkward socially and dont really know if/how i should tell this girl how I feel. idk she probobly already knows that i like her or at least has a vague idea of it. whatever i just felt like i needed to get this off my shoulder. if any of you guys have any advice on what i should do it'd be greatly appreciated.