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New Guitar! Yay!

Saturday was my birthday (4/20, I know)! I was camping all weekend for boy scouts so my parents gave me my present on Friday. and I got a new electric guitar! It's an Ibanez GIO and it's all black and I love it. I played it and it sounds AMAZING. They got me an amp to. I'm soooo happy hahaha! This is awesome, I hope your days are going good too.
-Desert Angel

School sucks, music rules

Sitting in Biology class right now. At least it's 6th hour so school's almost over. Were doing a group project on genetics. Except I don't have a group cuz nobody wanted to work with me. whateverz, all the people in this class are swagfags, preps, and sluts. people keep throwing shit at me calling me fag and emo. and its fucking annoying. I hate this town :/....
-Desert Angel


Again, my parents pretend to "care" by telling me that I should go see a fucking counselor. A fucking counselor who wouldn't understand my problems, because only I understand my problems. I don't need another person who doesn't really care pretending to care! I have myself, I have my music, and I have this site to vent to, why can't they let me solve my own problems instead of getting involved. Besides, the only thing that could come out of this is them getting offended, because the truth is I don't like them! I'd hate to break it to my family but they're kinda assholes.

Starting My Letter

I think I'm going to start my letter to Gerard. I don't even know what to say. This might take a while but I'm going to be completely sincere and thank him for saving my life. I'm so grateful to MCR for all they've helped me through. Keep Running!
-Desert Angel

Happy Birthday Gerard Way

Thank you so much Gerard, and all of My Chemical Romance, for saving my life. Happy Birthday Gerard, your my fuckin' hero. Not only did MCR save my life, but you helped me through my depression and inspired me to reach for my dreams. There aren't enough words to describe how grateful I am. Keep Running!
-Desert Angel

Continued Misadventures Of A High School Tragedy

Honestly, what's the point in life? Am I supposed to suffer through the next 3 and a half years of school just so I can go to some mediocre college and then spend the rest of my life working at some boring desk job? I'm sick of being pushed around and told what to do by people who don't even fucking know me. Truth is, NOBODY REALLY FUCKING KNOWS ME!!! I hide all my emotions behind a veneer of innocence, and spend my time either just being quite or acting like a fucking moron. I do it on purpose too: who would ever guess that the annoying kid could be depressed?


So Gerard has been putting his views on all the MCR songs on twitter. He's reviewed Black Parade, Danger Days, Conventional Weapons and idk about Revenge. He's not done bullets yet, but it's really cool to hear the shit that he has to say about the songs. I dont really know why i posted this blog just fucking bored i guess. Whatever. I'm off to play some DnD (hell yeah motherfucker!)
Keep Running!
-Desert Angel


Hey killjoys. If any of you want to follow me on twitter my account is @xXiwantcoffeeXx. Thanks.
-Desert Angel

Surrender The Night

"You can fight this all you want, but tonight we lost it."
My Chemical Romance will always live on in out hearts. I'm not longer sad. Don't get me wrong, I miss MCR with all my heart. But I'm not depressed anymore. It's more meloncholly (idk how to spell that). It's bittersweet. They're gone. But in leaving, I think they finally fixed me. I am not afraid to keep on living. I'm making a promise right now, to MCR, to Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Ray, to myself, to you, to the killjoys, to the MCRmy, I promise that I will never harm my self again, and that I will always keep running!
Always Keep

I Am Not Afraid To Keep On Living

So if you haven't read Gerard's true goodbye, you need to. Here it is.
And I can honestly say that I am not heartbroken anymore. I'm sad, what I feel most is melancholy. Yes MCR is gone, but they are not dead. The message still exists. They left for a true reason, not because of some legal turmoil, but because they were losing their message. The music was losing it's message. So they had to go. But the message still exists. Never be afraid to keep on living. It's okay to be not okay. The world may be ugly, but we are all beautiful.