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Guys, donn't do that...

Please don't kill youreself, it's stupid, MCR don't want you to be dead...They teach us to be live, to be strong. Just keep youreself alive, it's hard, but you must be strong...for guys, they were there when it was hard, when you was down and noone else was there and we owe it to them...

Thank you for all

Yeah! :D Happy B-day Frank, Thrity's not old :D

Song for MCR :-)

Song for MCR. I hope you like it...

We are My Chem Fans:

We are Demolition Lovers. We are NEVER okay.
We were Welcomed to The Black Parade. We are young, and we don't care. We are Disenchanted. We mourned Mikey's glasses and The Death of Pansy. We never told you what we did for a living. We Live Life On The Murder Scene. We cried to The Ghost of You.
We let Heaven Help Us. We worried about Bob and his burn. We have a obsession with Ray's hair. We are NOT afraid to keep on living. We crashed the Cemetery Gates. We changed our name to Helena. We know that the jetset life will kill us. We Brought You Our Bullets, When You Brought Us You're Love.

R.I.P The Rev


All I Want For Christmas Is You

I made a video so i hope you like it.

CZ/SK MCR Project

Video by Lumierre x)

Vote for MCR
*laughing* =D

YouTube is against me xD I always find Frerard, Frikey and Waycest video (sometimes Frerikey = Frank + Gerard + Mikey)